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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, JUN/10

Kimana, Kenya, June 2010
Teacher: Peris Siamanta

club shirts

I will never forget this month because we started with giving out t-shirts for the students. Now we have our new identity. Tatiana and Carolina were there to witness this and we were all happy. I with the eco-movement went to Ilkisonko secondary school and opened a club 123s there. We visited Sumat who was in Enkii primary school and was a member of the club. We encouraged her to continue with the club which John and I will be visiting frequently.

We discovered that John had some special unique talent or skills that can be of use for Club 123s. we asked him if he would like to join the club and after one day of thinking about it he accepted. WHOA!! WHOA!! WHOA!!

Enkii classroom

I also enjoyed working in a very different way that I have never done before. We grouped the student into four groups. This was the book group, video group, painting group and dancing group. Tatiana was working with the dancing group, Carol with the book group, John with the painting group and I was with the video group.

The video group visited some places in Kimana taking pictures and we happened to visit Mr. Wonderful who offered to give us 100 trees. We could have bought these trees but it saved some money in our budget. Mr. Wonderful is a farmer who is trying to educate community in planting fruit trees from different parts of Africa. He is encouraging us to plant trees that can even withstand cruel climates.

When this 2nd semester project is approved we can take his trees and start working immediately. We would like to start working on 5th that is on Monday.

These trees will be of great help to the students and the community because for the first time in their lives they will have fruits in plenty. I am sorry to say that some of us don’t eat fruits even for one year!

We received Club123s t-shirts and we couldn’t be any happier. We were lost for words and thanked the donors by clapping our hands for them. I think they felt it in their hearts. We gave the yellow t-shirts to Enkii and the blue t-shirts to Kimana primary school.

I got the certificate and now I can't wait to take it to Greenbelt Movement and see what they will help us with. I will ask them to help us with materials or funds for the fence. My next project in July will only be for the fence, because we have had many offers even from the government for giving us trees but we cannot plant more trees unless we have the fence. I must tell you that we visited a certain farmer with Tati and Carol and he promised to give us 100 trees but we need the fence first so that we don't lose the trees to the goats. I will also visit the universities and some companies to see if they will help us with the fence, even if they will just give the materials.

Club123s student

We concluded this month by having a party with Tatiana and Carolina and students which was very successful. We also had some presentations from all groups which was very fantastic. We later had evaluations and we had some useful remarks from the students which I would like to quote. “I am happy because I have never used a video camera but now I know how to use it.” A girl student said, “I am happy because this club is making us equal with men.” The smallest boy in the club said, “I made something that I have never made before, a hat!” Another one was so excited and was lost for words so he said, “PAMOJA TUNAWEZA!” he ran back to his seat the others laughing at thim. He said the last but not the least words!

On 25th was the saddest day for us. We had already gotten used to Carol and Tati and now they were leaving. I just realized that it's not only me who doesn't like the parting part. We cried a lot. I cried when she was bidding farewell to the students. I cried when Tatiana and Carol were bidding farewell to my family and I also cried at the airport.

I must say that eco-movement to Kenya has left a big impact to Club 123s. I am sure we will never be the same again. We are better, stronger and happier.

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