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Ububele Farewell Letter

Please watch below a video-statement by Getti Mercorio, Ububele's Chief Executive Officer, and read his farewell letter to the bodyECOlogy project.

Dearest Tatiana,

Your letter moved me very deeply. I will think more about your loving comments, so keenly observed and so accurate. Thank you for your wonderfully honest and caring feedback.

I do want to say how much you and your work have meant to all of us at Ububele. You are a beautiful, free spirit who brought light and love into the lives of our children. They will always remember you.

The concert last week was very special – conveying your essence, that inner Tatiana that is so creative, loving and vibrant. So many parents have commented this week on what a wonderful event we held and how much they enjoyed seeing their children shine.

You have made a deep impression on us, and we are forever grateful for your care, your incredible talent for the community work, for your boundless energy and your love of life that you shared with us so generously.

We will miss you and will always hold you dear in our hearts. May you be happy, healthy and successful in all that you do.

With love,

~ Getti Mercorio, Ububele's CEO,
Johannesburg, 21 of May, 2010

4 comentários:

  1. Beautiful statement, beautiful letter, beautiful project. Thank you for the inspiration, dear free spirit! And congratulations.

  2. that's so beautiful and touching, congratulations!

  3. I am almost crying.. such a beautiful project with beautiful souls deserves all our congratulations. Thank you, Tatiana! :)

  4. WoW! I don't have words...Marvelous!!! Thank you Tati and congratulations, I love you too! =)