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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, MAY/10

Kimana, Kenya, May 2010
Teacher: Peris Siamanta

Club123s shirts box

This month started with a lot of anxiety, because we were having Carolina and Tatiana coming to be with us. Teachers, students and me were all getting ready for them. We were having some problems because mum, who is also my assistance, was often very sick and I had to travel a lot. Thanks to the headteacher who assisted me in everything.

I went to Nairobi to pick my friends and I was happy to be at the airport for the first time. I also got the chance to shake hands with the world champion maraton runner who was coming back home at that moment.

Club123s shirts

I was still working on the library, because I have noticed that Kenyan people don't read a lot and especially environmental books. I had to tell the teachers, my friends and brother to help me find these books. My brother William was the first person to respond. He gave me very nice books that I had to give Tatiana one of them.

We went to Enkii school, where my friends got to meet the students and the teachers. It was a good start and I knew ECOmovement to Kenya was going to be great! Isinet was not doing very well, because I had not gone there for a long time and my father and the assistant teacher went for a transfer, so the students were left like a flock without a shepherd. The three of us started Club123s in Kimana primary school and we all loved it. I will write about it in June report. I will be going to Isinet once a week just to keep the flames burning!

John, my husband, is with us and he is helping us a lot in many ways. He usually helps me with Club123s work whenever I need him. One day he had to travel from Mombasa to come and help me with the video.

We received Club123s t-shirts and we couldn’t be any happier. We were lost for words and thanked the donors by clapping our hands for them. I think they felt it in their hearts. We gave the yellow t-shirts to Enkii and the blue t-shirts to Kimana primary school.

I got the certificate and now I can't wait to take it to Greenbelt movement and see what they will help us with. I will ask them to help us with materials or funds for the fence. My next project in July will only be for the fence, because we have had many offers even from the government for giving us trees but we cannot plant more trees unless we have the fence. I must tell you that we visited a certain farmer with Tati and Carol and he promised to give us 100 trees but we need the fence first so that we don't lose the trees to the goats. I will also visit the universities and some companies to see if they will help us with the fence, even if they will just give the materials.


The most important thing we did was to separate the garbage. The ECOmovement did this for us and we are happy to learn a new way to dispose our garbage. We are having two bins. One for organic and another one for non-organic garbage. We have not known what to do with the non-organic but when I go to Nairobi I will try to find some companies that can buy the non-organic for us and we can create income for the Club. The only thing we are short of is the dust bins. We went looking for them in all Kimana town and we could not find them. There were some very expensive ones but we did not buy them. We are using the old buckets; but the non-organic ones we are keeping them in a plastic bag. We are insisting that the kids try and get two buckets for each kid’s home.

Nailaen, Club123s apprentice, did all the work I asked her to do in April. She interviewed many people and I have filed the papers in the 123s file. The people gave their ideas, suggestions and contacts.

LONG LIVE Club123s!
Pamoja tunaweza!!
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