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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, MAY/10

Johannesburg, May 2010
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian

Ububele Ubuntu dolls2010-05-Ubuntu-04-kids

This is the last month of the bodyECOlogy project at Ububele pre school. After being developed for 9 months, the project comes to an end; so it’s time to say good bye and celebrate all the moments we spent together as well as to open a new project of art & ecology that will give continuity to bodyECOlogy.

On 15th of May, we’re going to have an exciting art & ecology event which will integrate parents, students, teachers and staff for the project completion. Then, our children will dance, sing and talk about the theme UBUBELE UBUNTU.

Actually teachers, staff and students will express together, through an artistic concert, their feelings of UBUBELE UBUNTU. Afterwards, we will have a workshop for adults and children followed by a delicious lunch.

So our goal in May is to prepare and accomplish our beautiful event.
Let’s all start our work?
"Together we are able." ☺


Our last 4 weeks were exhausting, but finally the great day has arrived. Our theatre is lovely, full of dolls, balloons, beautiful drawings and musical instruments. In the auditorium we can see so many proud eyes and smiles. Our children are beautiful, wearing colored UBUBELE T-shirts and barefoot... They are so excited playing and running while waiting for the start of the concert.

The generous 'capoeira' group, led by mestre Estivador, is here again to assist us to express the meaning of UBUNTU through their songs and movements. We also have two kind cameramen, Eduardo and Douglas that are ready to document this special day and a friendly DJ, Bruno, who will help us with the sound equipment.

Raviolly looks a little bit anxious holding his Mbira, the teachers and staff are in a hurry to finish arranging the students and the lunch, and myself... I don’t even know how to explain...

I’m feeling a mixture of emotions... I’m delighted, anxious, nostalgic, sad, excited, grateful, amazed...

So, It’s time to start:
"Welcome everybody... I hope you all enjoy our event.
UBUBELE UBUNTU powerful. Feel it!!!"


Our concert was wonderful and moving, full of life and joy. I’m sure that everybody that was part of it had lots of fun and was touched by UBUBELE UBUNTU. Children, teachers, staff and musicians did very well together.

The capoeira workshop for adults was a success, we could see people from different age, gender, role, color and physical structure together enjoying and trying to learn the amusing and challenging movements that were being taught.


And the lunch... UAU!!! It was absolutely delicious and just confirmed that was made with much love by Mama Evelyn and her generous helpers.

So our event is done and breaks my heart to say that It’s really time to dismiss. On the other hand I feel very happy that Raviolly will continue to water the seed that was planted during the last 9 months.

Raviolly, enjoy it! I wish this small seed can become a great Baobab tree.

I thank so much you all from UBUBELE, you’ll definitely remain in my heart forever!!

Please click here to watch a video-statement by Getti Mercorio, Ububele's Chief Executive Officer, and to read his farewell letter to this initial phase of the project.

All love,
Tatiana Kessedjian
Johannesburg, May 2010
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  1. I wish I could have been in this super special event! Amazing, I liked the pictures very much, It's possible to feel how happy everybody was. Is there any video? I'd like to watch the kids in their concert.
    Best regards!