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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, MAR/10

Johannesburg, March 2010
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian

bodyECOlogy drawing

This is a special month, as we’re going to welcome the new monitor: a musically talented Mozambican who will accompany us until the end of the project at Ububele pre-school. Afterwards, he will develop his own art & ecology project that will give continuity to the bodyECOlogy and must have the same principles of the present project.

We will also have other special guests: a capoeira group led by Mestre Estivador. They will give a workshop to the children in order to conclude the work about shapes, colors and numbers that we began to develop last month.

bodyECOlogy berimbau lessonbodyECOlogy berimbau dance

The children quickly welcomed Raviolly, the new monitor. Through musical approaches he provided moments of learning and joy at Ububele, captivating students and teachers. He also assisted bodyECOlogy classes, creating musical accompaniment for our corporal activities and bringing playful proposals of paintings and drawings.

The Capoeira workshop was a success. The children just loved it and remained singing the songs they learned there, as well as swinging their bodies to and fro, in order to make the 'ginga' movement the whole month.

bodyECOlogy guitar

We had a wonderful month! The children had lots of fun and we exchanged great experiences with different professionals. In fact, I’m very happy to realize how many interesting people are involved with the bodyECOlogy project and willing to assist us.
Please watch below the musical statement Raviolly made specially to the bodyECOlogy project:

~ Raviolly, bodyECOlogy monitor

Johannesburg, March 2010
Tatiana Kessedjian
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2 comentários:

  1. Tatiana, este relatório é emocionante: inspiro-me com o ritmo de Raviolly e expiro aliviado de ver que a transição mais difícil e delicada está sendo feita, ao empoderar uma pessoa local para seguir regando a semente plantada. Namaste!

  2. Wow!!!! What a wonderful job Tati! I really would like to be there to see that. While I was reading the post I felt that I wanted to be part of the classes. Congratulations! You are so special! =)