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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, APR/10

Johannesburg, April 2010
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian

bodyECOlogy students

As part of our proposal to engage parents, teachers and staff in a more consistent way, we’re going to accomplish an art & ecology event in May that must integrate all the adults and children involved in Ububele institution. Therefore, our main goal this month will be to research a nice theme for our event and start working on it.

What should we talk about? What theme suits our understanding and feelings about bodyECOlogy and Ububele? Let’s think about it, let’s feel it!!

Considering that the pre-school will be closed from March 29th to April 11th, for Easter, we must work hard on these three weeks left.

bodyECOlogy class 2010

There is nothing more inspiring than watching children... their plays, their smiles, their eyes, their rhythms, their spontaneity. They are so generous, so naturally human. In fact, when we have an open heart we get involved and learn a lot from them.

It was a typical day of bodyECOlogy class when I got a special feeling of affection and connection towards my little students. I realized my great joy for being back to school from holiday; my gratitude for working there and my early sense of longing due to the approaching end of the project at Ububele.

'Coincidentally', that week I was wondering what should be the theme of our event, so when I got home a word suddenly came to my mind: UBUNTU.

I had heard about it sometimes in Africa, but quite honestly I was not entirely sure about the meaning of this word. I made a research about Ubuntu and realized we had found the subject for our event. UBUBELE UBUNTU!!

I took the theme back to the children, teachers and Raviolly, who warmly embraced the idea. Then, we began creating our concert, drawing and writing at home, with our relatives, about UBUBELE UBUNTU.

Please watch below a statement of Hope, teacher at Ububele pre-school, about the bodyECOlogy project, and a drawing by the students about the meaning of Ubuntu:

~ Hope,
Ububele pre-school teacher

Ububele Ubuntu drawing

Johannesburg, April 2010
Tatiana Kessedjian
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