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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, MAR/10

Kimana, Kenya, March 2010
Teacher: Peris Siamanta

Nut Seed
Today is Tuesday, market day for both Kimana and Loitokitok town centers. We have heavy dark clouds. There is a sign that we will have a lot of rain. The schools have already been closed and even Nailaen Solomon (Club123s apprentice normally in a board school), is here. She wishes she met the kids in school but she is not lucky. I told her that we have an assignment of convincing, educating, and changing the community and its people into a better place. I am sure she will do this better than me. I will be gone to Mombasa and I know I have left behind people who will do a perfect job. That is my mother and Nailaen. She is also very influential.

Nut SeedlingI went to Amboseli national park. There is a lot of politics. They are blaming the people. They are saying the people are the intruders, but I told them I am with the people and I can see. We talked a lot and they were true about some things. Like they were true that the people are poachers, especially when we have a lot of drought. There is some kind of fight between wild animals and ordinary people. I did not go to Tsavo (national park) because it’s hard to get a car that goes there. Its also raining a lot and the cars are getting stuck in the mud. I am still finding a way to go there.

I went to Greenbelt Movement and presented my case to the person concerned. She told me we must bring a certificate so we can get any grants be it funds or plants from them. I will have to visit many government offices before I get it but I will try. I will be sure to do that this month. I have come to realize that one thing leads to another.

We went to Nairobi with the teacher but we did not get the books that Carlos suggested for us. We were in a hurry because the teacher was coming back to supervise the exams. I will also find out slowly while on holiday. We bought the much we could, but the kids never got the chance to read them, because this last month is usually busy with a lot of class work. They will do it next term.

Long live Club123s!!

Yours faithfully,
Club123s Logo[ Report by Mr. Isaac, Club123s secretary at Enkii Primary School ]

" I received $1200 from peris. We went together in the bank and she showed me the papers from Western Union. I was surprised by two things:

1. I did not know Peris is so transparent. I did not expect her to show me the papers but she did!!
2. I did not know she was getting monthly donations from you. I guess why she kept quiet about this. It is because some people will start demanding for payment if they work for Club123s, but now that we have known, what will she do?

I divided the money into two. I gave Peris her two-month-donations payment. That is February and March. She told me she doesn’t get donations in holidays like April. So I gave her $600 and I remained with $600 for the books.

I will be leaving Enkii primary school next term. I am being posted to another school. It is in another district. I feel bad to leave Club123s. I promised Peris that I will start Club123s in that school and she will come to see us even if it’s once per term. They will find another secretary next term.

Now have a nice time and maybe we shall meet one day. I will never stop to be amazed by the good work you started..."

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Isaac
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2 comentários:

  1. Dear Peris,
    thank you for balancing transparence with trust in such a powerful way; with this soil, your seed will always sprout.
    One day we shall together play on the tree,
    as 123s kids.
    Pamoja tunaweza!

  2. seus cabelos esta parecendo arame farpado beijos nega