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Econversation . . .

Rafiki mwalimu Carlos,
Asante kwa barua yako. I am glad to know that even though you might be silent, you are still planting with me. Thanks. I must confess that sometimes I do feel a little bit disappointed when you or Stephanie stay for long without writing to me...

Asante sana kua barua yako, rafiki mwalimu Peris!
I will briefly comment your paragraphs,
so to share with you what are my thoughts.
We are always together in planting.
If you feel disappointed at any time,
look to the trees you planted,
look to the kids you planted,
look to the many reports in our blog we planted.
A forest is sprouting.

power structure

I did not know exactly what this meant until I discussed it with John and he told me it is the order of seniority here, I hope he is right and if he is not please elaborate more. In Club123s here in Kenya, I am the main branch of a tree from Brazil. This makes me the head of Club123s here in Kenya. I have other branches from me, that is my mother who is my immediate assistant. I am planning to make Nailaen my assistant when she qualifies for it. I also have the teachers who help me a lot with the kids and the Club. I must mention that Enkii headmaster is very supportive. Isinet teacher is also very devoted. We communicate a lot by phone.

The power structure is not for me, but for you.
My suggestion-idea is a little different from what you wrote.
Please let me start an hypothetical one here, so you know what I mean with an example:


(just an idea with one example for each level of power,
but yo may add everything and everyone you can think of;
of course, I don't know the community as you
and probably all of my guesses will be wrong)

1st column: IN FAVOR OF...
High Power: Green Belt Movement
Medium Power: Headmaster
Low Power: Teachers, Students

2nd column: FENCE-SITTERS
High Power: Any religious leaders? Any other leaders?
Medium Power: National Parks, Wild Animals
Low Power: Community? Maybe community is the most powerful!

3rd column: AGAINST...
High Power: Lumber companies
Medium Power: The Politician you talked to once
Low Power: People cutting trees for money


I send my reports on the first day of each month. I already sent the March report. I am not sure if you would like me to send the April report, but if you would please let me know. There is nothing much that will be happening in April for Club123s. Right now I am in Mombasa. I left an assignment to Nailaen and mum. They will be doing the interviews then I can send you the results in May.

Please always send reports and videos;
the world is listening
and if you stay silent, it won't listen.

library structure

Currently we are keeping the books in the head teacher’s office and we are running out of space. If we continue buying books, we will run out of space soon. I don’t know if I will be asking for too much if I say that one day I will have to tell you to build a library in the school compound because right now we don’t have a specific building for a library. I am planning that in may we will make a good strategy on how the kids will be reading the books. Let’s say every Thursdays will be a reading day. On one Thursday we can have each student read for us aloud, the next Thursday all students can read together loud, the next Thursday we can have groups of five reading books together, the next Thursday each student can have his or her own book reading quietly. So we will have such a time table. We like to go reading under a certain tree that Stephanie knows very well but when it is raining we do it in class but we find it very congested so if we had a library this could be very helpful.

Maybe one day we will build it together,
with a natural architecture :)

Nailaen support

First I will say that nailaen is very thankful for your support in her education. She owes her sponsors her life. She is improving her grades each time they do their exams. She is supposed to go back to school on Monday 3rd of May 2010 for her 2nd term. I gave her an assignment this holiday to interview at least 20 people around Enkii area. I talked to her today and she is doing very well.

Our dream is seed.
We are the roots.
Nailaen is maybe the first fruit.

contacting Tatiana & Carolina

Well again I will be thankful for Club123s to honor me this much even to bring visitors to come and visit me here. SUCH GREAT LOVE….. We communicate a lot with Carolina. Right now we are working on the mats she needed for yoga. She wants 10 mats These mats can only be found in Mombasa so when I go back I will go back with them. I hope she will write tomorrow. I wanted them to hire a car so we can move around easily but they said the car hire is not in their budget. I told them it will not be a big problem but I am still thinking how we will visit the animals in the parks. I think we will need to hire a car even for that one day. Another day that we will desperately need the car is when they arrive. I will take them from the Nairobi airport myself because I don’t trust nairobians. There are a lot of bad people. I am not sure if they will arrive at night or during the day but either way it would have been good if we had a car for this one day also. I don’t want to squeeze them too much we will use the buses but they are not comfortable. I would like to know exactly the date and time they will arrive here so I can go to Nairobi and meet them. I would also like to know what they are planning to do from the first day to the last. I mean what is their timetable? So I can arrange with the teachers and students. I must assure you that they are in good hands and I will do my best to assist them in anything.

Dear Rafiki,
Tatiana and Carolina are not fancy ladies
but warriors as you,
that have planted and fought everywhere;
besides that, it is true they don't have an endless budget;
please take them by Bus:
they will enjoy the experience, if you guide them.
There's no money for cars :)


Since the first day we discussed about this issue, I have been asking around, doing some research and I have found out that there are brickets making machines that are sold in Nairobi. We can put the saw dust mixed with the glue in machine and compress it then we have our saw dust brickets! Is it that easy? I still don’t know how much one machine cost. I will ask and tell you.

Not that simple;
I have a great engineer friend, Andrej, that knows about
Fire Brickets, Solar Ovens and Natural Fences;
he can guide us, if you allow it.
I will put you in touch with him, if you would like.
One day you will meet him.


HA! HA! HA! Yes I laughed when I read about this topic. I think Kenyan leaders have lost their way. Personally I cannot understand what they want. Some of them are doing the right things but many of them are doing bad things. The leaders who caused the post election violence on 2007/2008 are being taken to hague court. Many Kenyans are happy about this. We think that if they are not punished they might do this again in 2012. Mr. Koffi Annan frequently visits Kenya whenever there is a problem with president Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga. I think he loves Kenya or maybe this country is so important to the world. I wonder when we will stop giving giving Mr. Koffi these troubles… right now the members of parliament are working on changing the constitution. This is proving to be difficult because some people are against it and other are supporting it. The whole country will vote for it before it is signed into law. I still don’t know if I will vote for yes or no because I still am not sure what it contains. I tell you this is a great country in so many ways but there are a few leaders who don’t care. What can we do about that?

What can we do about that?
We are doing and you know as well as me.
We are planting trees and ideas of union.


We are having lot of rains in many parts of the country. I think it is El – Niño. These rains are usually not very healthy because it makes the plants rot and it washes away all the good top soil and leaves galleys and sometimes bare roots of the trees which will eventually fall if the rains will not stop soon.

If we plant enough,
the top soil won't go when the rains come;
the trees will stop it.
It is a matter of planting and time.


I am surprised, no, shocked, maybe amazed by this country, or is it in the whole world? That you cannot do anything no matter how small it is without money? They always want you to put your hands in your pocket all the time!!

Try to think of money as seeds.
You cannot save it.
You can only plant it well.
Pamoja tunaweza super-sana!
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  1. Important letter-conversation I had with teacher Peris.
    I hope it serves all other teachers that may read it, inspiring them to keep planting.
    Pamoja tunaweza!

  2. Sincere confessions...wise comments!

  3. Very good to read this conversation!It clarified a lot of things about Club 123s and Kenya!