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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, FEB/10

Kimana, Kenya
Teacher: Peris Siamanta

Nut SeedThis was a good month. Everything went on as usual despite a lot of financial difficulties. Personally as the teacher, I have had a few problems but I have managed to make things look like normal. The kids also have not had their usual meals when we meet, but they have been patient and have also managed to do their normal duties. I only promised them things will come back to normal this month. This shows me how strong the roots have been attached strongly in the ground. This already proves that Club123s can be sustained by these kids in the schools. I am sure we have managed that. There’s only one thing so we can be sure Club123s can live forever in Enkii and Isinet.
We need to attach roots like these in the community. We need to see that a few, I mean a good number of people in the community understand fully what we want and are ready to support us in whatever way, so that we can be sure that Club123s will live forever. This however is a bit difficult part, but I believe if we combine efforts we will make it. Quoting Mr. Carlos Pittella in Swahili “pamoja tunaweza!” (together we are able).

We are really longing for the penpal project to start once again and continue. I am sure my students are longing for the attachment, friendship, and knowledge they get from their friends in America. I think this is also useful and important in these schools.
Nut SeedlingI am planning to go to the Amboseli and Tsavo national parks to enquire about what can be done to control the animals that are destroying the trees we are planting. I will tell you everything that we will talk. I will also go to the mountain to pursue about partnership. I am still on the process. This same week if I get the money I will travel to Nairobi maybe accompanied by the teacher who will go to buy the books. While in Nairobi, I will visit Greenbelt movement offices and try if we will get what we want. I am planning to do all these things in one week so that the next week I will not have anything that is pending especially with traveling. Then I will settle down with the kids and start a strategy on how we will be using the uniforms or improve our group reading.

Let me tell you a little bit about Nailaen, because I believe she is a big part of Club123s. She is well disciplined and she told me she is trying her best to improve her grades. I told her that is the only way you can make your sponsors happy and show them you are not wasting their money. We are getting along well. She is not giving me a hard time. Believe me, if she was not good I would surely tell you. The thing that encourages me most is that she loves 123s as much as I do, and I can see she can do anything for it. Today I took her back to school, but before that she had to write a mail to you. We did a lot this past week and I was surprised she left a friend to take care of her trees!! Through her, I know we are slowly winning some people’s hearts in the community, so that they can support Club123s and our campaign of greening Mother Earth.

My father was teaching at Isinet primary school and he was transferred to Kimana primary school so he can be nearer home. He was a part of Club123s there with the other teacher. We were talking and he told me he would like to start this club there probably next year. I told him I am not sure about it right now, but I think we can do it next year, so that we don’t have loads of things to do right now. He also concluded that it is better to have something according to my capacity that I can do perfectly than have a lot of work and I am not accomplishing anything. He said whatever I am doing now Is perfect, because it is according my ability. My family loves this Club because of the changes it has brought to us both physically and emotionally or economically. Would you say psychologically? I say it has changed our lives in every way.
Club123s LogoI hope this month we can complete all these things that are pending. I will be telling you how we are getting along. Our secretary will also send his report on how we are spending the money. Nailaen will write again when the schools closes down in early April. Have a nice time. I wish you all the best. May God bless you.

Yours truly,
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  1. "Pamoja Tunaweza"! Let me make a note here to get copyrights for that! :)

  2. Lets take a deep breathe in and move on!
    Jai gurudev(victory of the big mind with the child joy)Peris!