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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, JAN/10

Johannesburg, January 2010
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian

bodyECOlogy Lion Roar!

In the animal world there is a wide diversity of funny odd creatures which unfortunately have been often threatened by another curious funny animal: the 'animal-man'.

To start our year in a very ECOnscious way, we’re going to make a brief study of wild life heritage and learn about South Africa’s threatened species.

Why have some great creatures disappeared? How important are animals for our lives and nature’s balance? How do their different colors, shapes, environment and natural movements inspire us to play, dance and create tales and songs? These are some of the questions we’re raising in January.

Drawing a Smile

Black rhino, wild dog, riverine rabbit and blue whale are some of the South Africa’s threatened species which stimulated our research and creativity this month.

Dividing the classes into groups and assigning each a different animal, we started our threatened species game. After talking about the sadness and danger of extinction, our children observed attentively the picture of their group’s animal and at first wondered how it moves and breathes. Then movements, allied with sounds, were created for each one of our inspiring creatures and soon they were combined with the other animal movements, building a great wild choral and choreography. To conclude this game we made drawings, presenting sympathetically our animals and their pitying life at risk of extinction.

Panda, Bear or Rabbit?Mpho's Drawing

Although this was a short month, we successfully reached our monthly goals and the little ones seemed really enthusiastic in restarting the bodyECOlogy classes. I’m also very excited to carry on the project and make it even better this year.

Watch below a video-statement about the bodyECOlogy project:

(Evelyn Dubazana, Ububele’s cook)
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2 comentários:

  1. Videos are incredible! With them, bodyECOlogy lives!

  2. Very motivational! I especially loved the drawings, because while I was reading and seeing their pictures, I imagined how they were feeling and imagining in theirs little heads the real animals.