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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, DEC/09

Johannesburg, December 2009
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian

This is the end of the year, so I’ll have to say good-bye to some of my little students who will go up to primary school next year. I already miss them, but I’m glad they all succeeded in their grades and we had a chance to spend wonderful time together this year.

To conclude our semester, we’re going to remind the main activities we’ve worked with and make an evaluation to check what experiences and knowledges remain relevant to the children so far.

  Looking back in order to move forward".

This was our goal when we played the game of 'chanted words & danced movements' and looked back into our playful education path. Understanding the positive and negative points of our classes that included activities, behavior, environment and relationship, we – teacher and students – felt proud to realize how many great things we built together and evaluate what we were able to do, or change, to make our classes even better for the next year.

During our game, we used the body language to set communications thereby when a word, or chant were saying, a movement or pose should be made as response. From this point, lots of words, chants, dances, poses, movements and laughs ran through our classroom:

– Cocoon-butterfly
– I lost my ring in the sea
– My spine is located...
– Zigzag way of the bee
– Balancing the stick on your arms
– When a little tortoise woke up...
– Eagles fly away smoothly
– Crooked tree, big Baoba tree, seed
– My scapula is located...
– That day a strong wind made trees flow...
– Drawing on the soil with feet, passing the stick with feet
– In that party just one part of the body could lead the movement: shoulder, knee, hip, hands...

Afterwards, in circle, we had a short chat and concluded our semester.

  Sisi Tatiana is such a lovely person. Movements and songs that she teaches I like, because we have so much fun and I really enjoy them. She also makes us laugh so much. I wish she could come to our new school next year."
(Nozipho’s voice, 5 years old,
bodyECOlogy student)

  I like sisi Tatiana because she teaches us movement and songs. I’ll never forget the song and movement about ‘cocoon-butterfly’ and I have also taught my cousin as well. She makes us so happy and we have fun when she is around. I wish she could continue coming to our school although I’ll not be around."
(Unathi’s voice, 5 years old,
bodyECOlogy student)
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