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Adopt a Teacher – Peris Siamanta

“I had my first class yesterday and even the teachers were eager to know what I was going to tell the kids. We started off with a word of prayer from one of the students. I must say the students were happy and were willing to go on with the project. The headmaster also said that would be educative and he will be joining us occasionally.”
(Peris Siamanta, May 2008)


Peris Siamanta, 28 years old, lives in the Maasai community, in the city of Kimana, Kenya. Daugther of teachers majored in Hotels Administration, she could no longer find jobs with tourism because of the post-elections violence in 2007. Now, she dedicates herself to the Club123s project, teaching ECOnsciousness – a class of Sciences and Health Programs taught from an ecological perspective. Through 123s, Peris teaches, since May 2008, 36 students from Enkii Primary School and, since November 2008, 35 more students from Isinet Primary School.

[Enkii Primary School]

WHERE: Tsavo National Park, Kenya.

WHEN: Since May 2008.

STUDENTS: 36 adolescents between 12 and 15 years.

[Isinet Primary School]

WHERE: Tsavo National Park, Kenya.

WHEN: Since November 2008.

STUDENTS: 35 adolescents between 12 and 15 years.

[Total of Students]

About 210 students took part in Club123s so far:
36 students from May to November 2008
+ 71 students per year since November 2008.

The purpose of Club123s is the growth of an ECOnsciousness among the people living in the project's neighborhood, spreading the importance of plants, trees and wild animals to the ecosystem of a society. Club123s considers the students as seeds of this ECOnsciousness, since through the activities promoted by the Club they learn how to take care of the environment, spreading an ecological vision of the world to their families, friends and neighbors.

The students research trees, animals rivers, lakes and oceans, learning how to feel part of an ecosystem. With this experience, they serve as bridge to their communities, promoting activities such as planting trees and cleaning the banks of the Kimana river.
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7 comentários:

  1. Thank you, Peris, for the great video-introduction:
    we met you,
    we met your school and
    we met your challenge of raising ECOnsciousness.
    And we are with you to meet the challenge!
    Pamoja Tunaweza!

  2. It's so good to see what before I was just imagining! Nice to meet you Peris!

  3. I can`t wait to arrive there!
    Lov U Peris, luv Kenya!

  4. Peris, very very nice to meet you!! I did not know there was a drought going on in Kenya at this moment... We have a dry area in the Northeast Brazil as well, looking pretty much like this place you showed on the video when it does not rains for a long time.

    Cheers from Rio de Janeiro!

  5. It is so nice to see this scenery that I have missed for 10 years!! I cannot wait to visit and see all the new trees planted by Club 123s!

  6. What a marvelous video! It is with practice that I learn!

  7. It's such a beautiful video-introduction. I'm looking forward to meeting you all from Club 123s and witness this scenery, Honey.
    All love from the real Tatiana ;)