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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, JAN/10

Kimana, Kenya
Teacher: Peris Siamanta

Nut Seed
We took off this year with a lot of energy and speed. I must say this was the busiest month I have had since we started Club123s in these schools. The students were all back to school after the long enjoyable holidays of Christmas and New Year. They were abit few because the standard eights were not present. The first thing I did was to recruit the new youngest ones in standard six. As usual, I had to give them the raffles and whoever won was lucky to join Club123s. I was surprised to find out that they had already planted their own trees to show that they were really willing to work. I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm.

Nut Seedling
We went to Barclays bank with the Club123s teachers and we were told that, if we intend to open an account with the schools' name, we will have to go through a lot of government offices, sign a lot of papers, be required to bring a lot of things (some of them hard to get), and we will not be given an A.T.M card, so we cannot have the money any time we like. They advised us to use the A.T.M. so they asked me to give them the A.T.M’s pin number so that any of us can go and withdraw some money whenever there is need. He or she will only have to come with the receipt from the A.T.M which shows how much he or she has withdrawn. We were all happy with this idea and that is what we have done.

This year we did something wonderful. We helped a poor girl join high school. Her life would have been wasted, like throwing junk in the dust-bin. This is a seed that will grow forever. She is well in school and has never stopped thanking her sponsors. She will be writing a report every month of how she is progressing in class and she will be assisting me in Enkii and Isinet primary schools. What a good idea!

I traveled to Nairobi to see if we can get funds from Wangari Maathai, but I was not able to meet a certain lady who was to help me with that. I will keep looking though, until I get to the end of it. I am thinking I could go this February if I get a chance.

This year we got into a new strategy of sending the proposals from January to July which I thought was a good idea. This will help to make things move faster and the Club will grow even faster. If all our needs are met by February, I think it could be very perfect. I would like to start teaching people computer very soon! I want all of these people to have emails also.

Club123s Logo
We are highly expecting visitors, that are Carol and Tatiana. I and the students can’t wait to meet them. We have always longed to meet anybody from Club123s. We are getting ready with songs, dramas, Maasai traditional dance, games, stories, e.t.c.

My mother was sad when she knew that we will not be getting the donations on vacations. Well, I was also sad but she was sadder. We are not complaining and we are thankful for what we get. We learn to be content and thankful. Don’t feel sad because of this. I know you had a big reason for doing this.

The seeds in the papers you sent us have never sprouted. We don’t know why. I am thinking it is because of the weather. Maybe the sun is too hot. Do you know why?

There was something you introduced to my students some time ago and they loved it so much. The issue about the pen pals. Please do it again if you get a chance. They keep asking me about it.

That is all for now. I am looking forward to taking care of sports uniforms, computers, books, sawdust and everything else. May God help me.

At dawn the eastern sky is turning pink, holding the promise of another fine day.

Yours sincerely,
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