Este é o blog do Adote um Professor, o programa-raiz da União das Árvores (123s), ONG fundada no Rio de Janeiro em 2006. Aqui publicamos relatórios, projetos e sementes para uma Escola Ecológica. Conheça a nossa missão.


123s Reloaded Music

About the music used on the video 123s Reloaded:

1st & 2nd songs
tocToc & robotGym
by Jean Toba, available at Jamendo,
registered with Creative Commons, for non-profit usage.

3rd song
Searchin’ for One Soul
by Arrested Development.

I tried to contact Arrested Development requesting permission to use their song but never got an answer from Vagabon Records, that handles their emails; based on their social-focused work, I believe the band would be OK with this non-profit usage of their song towards promoting our ecological education program.

If at any point anyone from Arrested Development feels unconfortable with our use of this beautiful song, please just email me and I will take the song out of our presentation video.

Thank you so much, Jean Toba and Arrested Development for your great music.

Carlos Leite
123s servant

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