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ECOpoetry presentation in Beijing

2009 Beijing WCO Friends Forum
17th December, 2009
Presentation by Carlos Leite

"Integration between Human and Environment:
Its Impact on Creative Cultural Exchange"


How does our culture see nature?

Thinking of culture as the development of systems of sound, tools and movement, we may reflect on the relationships of nature with language (sound), technology (tools) and politics (movement).

How does our language treat nature every time we speak?
Are technology and pollution separated from nature?
Who invented politics and democracy?

It was from these questions that the Brazilian NGO One to Trees was born, with the mission of planting trees and ideas of union: planting trees as a natural political movement and ideas of union as an education that honors nature.

This presentation of ECOpoetry follows the questions above, reflecting on how culture and environment can create union on Earth.

2 comentários:

  1. Carlos,

    Congratulations for this beautiful and important presentation.

    Also for the gift of conscientization by using metaphors and poetry.

    I liked your words of “union (or re-union) between human and nature: because nature does not separate us from nature”.

    I think this is the unique possible way of thinking that could bring perpetuity of nature (as SHE is today and with us included) on Earth.
    We, humans, shall leave our idea of superiority and put ourselves in equity with each other living beings. It would imply in RESPECT with our companions at home (animals and forests) and also with our home.
    Harmonious relationship and balance between all living…
    I think any other way to understand life different from the idea of unity means that we are living a lie.

    I felt impacted by the paragraph “we forgot how to be sustainable because we forgot who our mother is. She never judge us: the ocean accepts all our sewage, the air accepts our smoke, the land accepts our oil extraction”

    I loved the mentioned Yang Lian words “With all mankind towards the light. I shall rise the children high, high laughing for joy to the sun” and also the poem from Huang Guobin.

    I was amazed by the presentation; I really loved it.

    I have the feeling that all this beautiful work you have been doing is reaching more and more people very fast. Once again congratulations.

    Claudia Ferrari

  2. "The art of using words to make or re-make our house." Esta frase merece ser pensada [e re-pensada, para manter a estrutura da primeira!] tanto em nível da casa-próxima, quanto em nível da casa-planeta. A palavra FAZ a casa em que vivemos, MESMO.
    Carlos, finalmente acabo de ler com calma o conteúdo da apresentação, e preciso dizer que estou supreendida - perdão pela aparente redundância - pela quantidade de idéias-surpresa para pensar...