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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, NOV/09

Johannesburg, South Africa
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian


Working with nature themes makes me think about an interesting and challenging issue that I’d like to raise this month: BALANCE.

Since nature is always in movement and the Earth can’t stop rotating, I’m not talking about a static balance; I refer to a dynamic balance, the balance of life, of dancing, of welfare. So, why not 'discuss' nature’s harmony? What about thinking how nature can be treated with more love and respect?

Let’s start from our body... seeking our own balance!

A stick and balloons assisted our research in November. The big Baobab tree, the wind and the zigzag way of the bee gave us inspiration.

Firstly, we observed our balance becoming a BIG tree on tiptoes; then, we lost our balance because of a strong wind which passed by the forest; soon afterwards, we tried our balance transforming ourselves in a crooked tree as a consequence of the wind and, finally, we got our balance back by following the zigzag way of the bee!

We also danced balancing a stick on our arms and colored balloons on our bodies.

After that, our topic was nature’s harmony; together, we made a wonderful drawing on a cardboard which shows how our students are aware of the subtilities of life. At the end, I asked to each one what they had drawn and one of them told me:

"Mrs. Sun, I drew the Mrs. Sun."

These moving words made me really delighted and, afterwards, I realized how these children cultivate their sense of belonging, love and respect for life... which is exactly the issue I’ve been raising in the bodyECOlogy lessons.

We had a great month! The 'Balance' issue set the students an amusing challenge, and they did very well. Now I must say I really believe that, with body in balance, mind in balance and soul in balance we must finally reach an environment in balance! One to trees ;)

I feel happy about sisi Tatiana, because we have lots of fun. We sing and do movements that she teaches us. She taught us about our body parts in a different way from mamma Hope and we really enjoyed it. I wish she could come to our school every day."
Thambos’ voice
(bodyECOlogy student – 5 years old)

Sisi Tatiana makes me happy because she is a 'especial girl'. She has taught us dancing, movement and songs. I remember a song about a fisherman and a sea shell, how we moved about it was so much fun; I really enjoyed it. She is a beautiful lady."
Mduduzi’s voice
(bodyECOlogy student – 5 years old)

Johannesburg, November 2009
Tatiana Kessedjian
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4 comentários:

  1. What a beautiful, inspiring report, Tati. Please show us Mr. Sun's drawing, because the story is really a poem: it echoes "Broter Sun" prayer by Saint Francis. I think this report of yours is a model of report for 123s: you clearly share with us the idea you wanted to plant; then you tell a wonderful story and, at the end, lend the voice to your students: I don't see how it could be any simpler or any more beautiful. Thank you so much for your work and for sharing it with all.

  2. Os depoimentos das crianças dizem tudo! Realmente são muito afortunadas de terem Sisi Tati como teacher! =)

  3. Carlos and Tatiana!
    This is soo cool!

    Super good luck in your efforts!

  4. Querida Mrs Sunshine, que lindo seu trabalho!
    Bjs my dear sisi.