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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, OCT/09

Kimana, Kenya
Teacher: Peris Siamanta

Nut Seed
I write this sitting in the kitchen sink. That is my feet are in it, the rest of me is on the draining board which I have padded with our chicks blanket and the pot towel. I can’t say I am very comfortable, and there is depressing smell of soap but this is the only part of the kitchen where there is any daylight left. And I have found that sitting in a place where you have never sat before can be inspiring—I wrote my best poem sitting on the hen house.

This is the end of the year and I have to go through some bad feelings of departure. I have to let my standard 8 students join high school. I usually miss them a lot. I usually go over it but it takes time.

We did a lot of things this month especially class work and we replanted the lost trees. The trees that were not strong enough to live and the ones that were eaten by goats. We went round replacing them and I will be busy taking care of them during holidays. This reminds me that we really really need the fence.

In isinet they did the trimming of the growing trees. This was done mainly by the boys. The girls did the watering. They are lucky because they have the fence.

The el-Niño rains have started and now we are having floods. It has killed some people in some parts of the country. The main entrance to the school was flooded with water and club 123’s decided to fill that pot hole with stones.

In isinet the floods have brought a lot of plastic papers around the school and I think their mattress will be full sooner than enkii’s. isinet is near kimana town so they have an advantage at the same time cleaning the place.

One day in a classroom, a student asked me about EL-NINO. I really don’t know much about it but we are surprised why it is not like other normal rains. I am planning to do a research on that during the holidays and when they come back in January I will teach them. I have heard that a long time ago el-Niño rains were in France and they killed many people.

Nut Seedling We are planning to have a farewell party this week and I will give the girls the following piece of advice which I copied from a magazine called “the readers digest”. It inspired me a lot. Unfortunately I did not have a long advice for the boys but I told them to be careful. Enjoy reading...
It's a warm, witty, wise, advice, from the one who’s seen it all before.

by Barbara Toner

"Dear daughters,
You are as I have told you many times the cleverest, wittiest, most ravishing girls who ever lived and a constant source of heart stopping pride. The other day, after too much coffee, I started worrying. 'I’ve told them nothing' so I am writing this guide. You may say, 'but momma, we will learn the hard way as you did'; my response is 'why go my hard way when I now see the way round it?', owing to an impetuous nature and a sorry tendency to speak out of turn, my life has been full of blunders. My intention is to spare you what I can with the benefits of hind sight passing it on, will make me feel whole lot better about drinking too much coffee.

"Life is a privilege and to waste it is sinful. You must accept responsibility for yourself. Always use your talents in the best of your ability and contribute somehow to the common good. The common good will present itself to you everyday; a friend will want to talk endlessly about herself; an old lady will want help crossing the road and talk endlessly about herself (possibly me); your father will want his staler back. Failure isn’t not succeeding; it’s not trying your hardest and not contributing, however modestly, to the common good.

"What you need to meet life’s challenges head-on is the right attitude. I mean, of course not whingeing. Hope for everything but expect nothing. Know that anything can go wrong at any time and mostly does. You get your hair cut, you hope to look like Catherine Deneuve, and you look like Danny De Vito. You think, Aaaargh! Then you let it go. Hair grows back. You hope to get a job. Some moron gets it. Correct thinking: it wasn’t the job for me since I am not a moron. Soon I will get a job that is for me. Meanwhile I will work hard at a job that is beneath me just to show the kind of girl I am.

"Say some boy dumps you. First asses. There will be usual possibilities. Sobbing down the phone, getting friends to say you are on a life support machine, sucking up to his mother. You may go for one or all of the options, or you may decide the situation is beyond hope and walk away from it. Whatever, you act on your decision and accept the outcome. Don’t pine. Be miserable for a day or two, write a couple of sad poems, feel outraged and move on. Whingers fail to act or accept. They say 'I can’t' but mean 'I won’t'.

"You can say 'people should take me as they found me', but the real question is 'what do I want to be taken for?' I want you to be taken for women who care at least for the comfort of others. This means having a bit of consideration. It means no shoveling your food and pushing it in front of people, always saying please and thank you, not pinching your girlfriend’s boyfriends, watching your tongue and showing respect to everyone, until they give you reason not to extend it. It means note-writing, phone calls, or flowers to express thank for hospitality and offering to help clear the dinner table and wash up. There are manners for polite conversation: don’t interrupt, don’t speak across, don’t hog the floor, and don’t be sullen. Never imagine you are being asked out of courtesy. You must show equal interest back. This is how conversations should go; you ask about me; I ask about you; you tell a story; I tell you a story; you venture an opinion; I venture mine; you comment on mine; I comment on yours. If someone says 'my cat has died', the correct response is not 'I don’t have a cat'.

"Culture: a refined understanding of all things arty-farty ---is somewhere between manners and education. You don’t have to have it, but it's jolly nice if you do. To acquire it, you should travel widely, read widely, listen and memorize music, go to concerts.

"Culture: a refined understanding of all things arty-farty ---is somewhere between manners and education, operas, the theatre and art galleries. But frankly who has the time or money? Usually it's enough just to read the reviews, master a few foreign phrases, and mix with informed people. Culture for most people is 70% bluffing, 25% genuine interest and 5% knowledge. This is a happy circumstance, since no one can catch anyone out with certainty.

"Having grown up without any money I have only modest respect for it. This has given your father heart failure on many occasions. Don’t be a wimp about money. Don’t even try to joke about your real financial situation. Draw a line down a centre of a page and on the other side total up what you are owed, and on the other put outgoings yet to appear on the bank statement. You will notice that what you are owed is very small column while the other is a long one. This is normal. If in serious dept cut right back on your outgoings. It is disastrous for your mental health to build a dept you cannot repay. On the other hand there is nothing worse than a miser or a hoarder. If you are not impoverished, spend. Take the holiday, have the party, give the gift. One final rule: buying an endless supply of clothes from charity shops could turn out to be an investment, but probably not. Cull. Your rooms can’t take much more.

"To get in the world you must:
(a) Know what you want.
(b) Decide how you are going to get it.
I knew from the time I learned to read, when I was four that I wanted to be a writer and I have become one. But if you heart doesn’t desire anything much, consult your head, which will consider your options in a detached and with any luck, fruitful manner. An employer wants intelligence without arrogance and confidence without brashness. Be prepared to start at the bottom and to endure months, possibly years of humiliation and learning. Make yourself learn by asking questions. It’s no big deal. We all did it. In business you will get more work from the more people you please. What you must decide is how much of a compromise you are prepared to make. My advice is to be prepared to make endless compromises—there are, as your grandfather used to say, a hundred d ways to skin a rabbit. But suggest the compromise yourself. Don’t have them forced on you. It’s a mistake to imagine your job, is what you are or what your success as a human being depends on great career moves. Learn to value yourself for what you are.

"My advice would be to think ahead before you leap into bed with someone you want affection and love as well as great sex and you are not going to get hat with a man whose interest in you is entirely physical. He will entirely be interested in himself. Forget him. You may definitely call me old—fashioned on this one. Falling truly in love as distinct from being unable to keep you hands from someone, is best achieved where there is enormous affection on both sides and a strong mental connection. Your father and I, for example, had a lot in common. We had similar family structures, were both journalists and made each other laugh mostly in despair. Even when you love someone, warts and all, there will be bones of contention on which one or either of you, if not both, will balk at regular intervals — that is when mutual respect and acceptance can save you. They will be the governing factors long after desire has faded. Your father and I are always going off each other. He thinks I am arrogant, know all cow and I think he is a Grambling, selectively deaf lunatic. But the perfect partner is the one you can loathe and then learn to like again. Naturally there are times when we can’t imagine living together a minute longer, but the minute passes. Then we can’t imagine living apart.

"The best final advice I can offer is that you live in the present. You can learn from the past and plan for the future, but get pleasure form the moment and give the moment your all. I think it will make you happier and your lives richer.

"Your ever loving mamma."

Club123s Logo Before I complete this month’s report, I must say the students sent me to you. The are requesting if it is possible to get some club 123’s t-shirts so tat they can wear them when they are palying soccer or during our meetings. If t-shirts are not possible can they get badges? Another thing they wanted so much is the fence.

They promised to work hard, plant more trees and to learn a lot when they get the fence. I promised to tell you their requests and I will also give them your response or feedback.  All in all they did not forget to thank you for everything you have done for them and they wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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