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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, SEP/09

Johannesburg, South Africa
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian


This month, bodyECOlogy project will start to be held in Ububele pre-school, working with 50 children, between 3 and 6 years old, from Alexandra Township.

I intend to introduce the project to all the children and staff. I’m going to work with the first part of the corporal planning (corporal scheme) through some Brazilian and south African stories/songs that refer to nature's elements. A summary of the project will be printed and given to all the staff to let them know more about bodyECOlogy.

Once, a long time ago, so long ago that it's not important to mention exactly when, a little girl who liked to walk on a desert and on a vast beach, was seen crying because of a lost ring... crying and walking crying and walking crying and... WOW... suddenly a shiny and magical shell touched her foot... she picked it up and, as she moved it towards her ear, she heard a wonderful sea sound that suddenly arose to her a secret….

...which I’m not allowed to tell. I just can say that from that day on the little girl has been listening to a lot of secrets, stories, sea songs... and she has also understood that one must learn how to lose before winning...

I lost my ring in the sea
I cried cause I couldn’t find it,
But the sea brought me
A beautiful shell that tells me secrets."

These are the chant words which guided our september journey.
During this month we’ve discovered that shells contain countless stories, secrets and songs; we just need to open our hearts and minds to listen to them. We’ve also found out that our voices get strong like the sea sound when we join them.

Dancing, singing and drawing, we wonder how under the sea is, how do the movements look like there? How might the songs and the stories be in the bottom of the Ocean?

Lihle’s & Olwethu’s statement-drawings
(Ububele Pre-school students)

I am amazed how the children from Ububele are affectionate and adaptable to new challenges. I suppose that, since South Africa is a country where so many languages and ethnic groups run together, children can easily interact with activities from another culture. They’ve really enjoyed working with Brazilian songs, games and stories. They also often teach me south African dances and songs. We’ve shared wonderful moments and I might be learning much more than teaching.

We, teacher at Ububele, enjoy working with Tatiana. We as teacher are learning a lot about ecology. The children enjoy the body movement a lot and each week we look forward to working with her."
Sophie Ndlovu
(Ububele therapeutic pre-school principal)

Tatiana Kessedjian
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  1. Tatiana, I love how your report unfolds like a shell this month, with layers of music, dance, stories, voices... I can hear the voices of the sea, all together making music, and the waves dancing... :)