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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, OCT/09

Johannesburg, South Africa
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian


"Children need roots and wings"

FEET AND ROOTS… ARMS AND WINGS… the body and nature are our first houses, the places where we belong to and where we inhabit.

After having a wide idea about the project in September, this month we will deepen a bit more our bodyECOlogy knowledge. Considering that the care for natural environment starts with the care for our own body, we will ask ourselves:
What is body? What is nature? Do they go together?

From October on, we’ll also have a nice new company: Laetitia, a kind French lady, will spend two months with us as volunteer. So, let’s go to work and cultivate our sense of belonging, love and responsibility for life and nature!

We worked with anatomical understanding in partners and, therefore, a lot of smiles appeared on our children due to 'body discovery'. The children really enjoyed learning more about their own bodies and having their friends as witnesses.

Our feet in particular got a great importance in this lesson. We went outside and soon a lot of drawings could be seen on the soil, drawings made by barefoot feet, drawings made by little feet. In fact, in that sunny day we drew with our feet, we touched our feet, we balanced, danced, played passing a stick from one to another and felt nature's elements only with our feet. We also compared them with the roots and with the others' feet. Then we outlined our feet in the soil and finally looked to our tracks through the way...

When we were in silence, just observing our own marks, a sweet voice came to me and said: "LOOK, sisi Tatiana, it’s my foot, hihihi… LOOK, that’s my path!!"

This month, because we were deepening our knowledge about body and nature, a lot of classes took place outside, what just confirmed how important is for children to be in contact with nature and work outdoors. Since there's no CD radio in the outside area of the school, I worked a lot with drums, and I got surprised how their beat integrate and keep the students focused.

"BodyECOlogy lessons are very good, very well structured and reach their goals. Also, the students are always happy to work with Tatiana, because she uses things they usually don’t have during the other classes, like dancing and music. She usually does the lessons outside, things that are very relaxing for them. So, it makes them curious and focused on what she does and what she wants them to do.

For me, just one important thing she doesn’t do a lot is making them repeat what she wants them to remember. But I believe it is the only thing I saw that is not absolutely positive.

However, when the students see Tatiana, they are very happy to work with her, because they know they will do something different. She has a nice relaxing way to teach, and helps them developing their imagination, motor skills and knowledge of nature and ecology."
(Laetitia Faÿ,
bodyECOlogy volunteer)

Johannesburg, October 2009
Tatiana Kessedjian
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3 comentários:

  1. Tatiana, I think it's beautiful the work your are developing with the path and the feet -- it echoes in a poem I love "caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar" (verses from Antonio Machado, the spanish poet).

    I read Laetitia's suggestion and I think your idea of having songs/poems could work on the direction of helping children to memorize the concepts you are working with.

    One idea would be to give the children the words you want them to think about and ask them to make a drawing or a poem and them put together the elements of the drawing to create the text/image you want them to remember. :)


  2. Poetico do início ao fim! As propostas, as fotos, tudo! Lindo trabalho.


  3. hi dear

    I am so glad to see you constructing such a beautiful path.