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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, AUG/09

Kimana, Kenya
Teacher: Peris Siamanta

Nut SeedThis is the monthly report written and compiled by teacher Peris Siamanta of Enkii and Isinet primary schools. This time I am combining both reports because there was not much done in August, since the students were on holidays.

Nut SeedlingThe schools closed down for August holidays, and the kids went for the three months recess.
This time I did not let the students come to take care of the trees, because many of them had grown big and the few small ones were taken care of by mum. They only needed watering. The students had also had a very busy term, so I wanted to let them have a good rest.

In Isinet primary school there is a teacher who lives very near the schooland; we talked to him to help water the trees, because Isinet trees are still very young and still need delicate care.

Club123s LogoWe are having three friends planning to visit us early next year. They are Carol Matos and Tatiana Kessedjian from Brazil and Venu Sanz, who is Spanish. I think this will be a great time for me and my students, because we are going to learn a lot of things. I really feel that this is a big big achievement for the Club. We are growing from babies into adulthood and I love it.

Here are the names of Enkii students who will sit for their final exams soon. They will need Club123s' certificates to show that they participated in conserving the environment – and it will help them in their future life.
  • Jonathan Semperia
  • Koyan Nakande
  • Alex Alais
  • Emmanuel Joshua
  • Soine Lempapai
  • Joyce Nairesiae
  • Mary Lenkishon
  • Agnes Sumat
  • Soila James
  • Nailaen Solomon
  • David Likamba
  • Gabriel Kasaine
  • Seret Selelo
  • Mepukori Kanyiko
  • Janet Kanjalo
The following are the names of Isinet primary school:
  • Purity Kakenia
  • Hapiness Wanjiru
  • Kanae Kotoke
  • Nkonina Melompuki
  • Patrick Kalenga
  • Angela Ng’endo
  • Pius Musau
  • Nkoipaiton Meijo
  • Simon Leapa
  • Mercy Sawaina
  • Diana Silayo
  • Lemuseri Manja
  • Patricia Mwikali
Yours sincerely,
Peris siamanta
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