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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, AUG/09

Johannesburg, South Africa
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian

Brazilian Nut Seed
I’ll spend this month looking for some organization willing to host the bodyECOlogy Project in Johannesburg. I also intend to do a research of some South-African histories and songs. I wish to learn a lot from this culture and I hope my future students can learn a lot from ours.

Brazilian Nut SeedlingI contacted three South-African organizations:
So far, I only met with 'Twenty30' and 'Ububele' to discuss about the Project. After having a meeting with Twenty30, we set up a partnership plan. They made me two primary schools available. One of them is Karabo, in Soweto; the other, Berea, downton. Initially, I will only work with one school, so that we can evaluate which one will benefit the most from bodyECOlogy’s work. Twenty30 has proposed a new format just during this semester, due to the school’s holiday, where classes will be held on Saturdays, from 9.00am to 12.00pm. The Project is going to start in October through the partnership between 'Twenty30' and 'One to trees'.

Next week I’ll have a meeting with Gael, from Ububele, to discuss new possibilities for the bodyECOlogy project.

In what the research of South African culture is concerned, I was introduced to an interesting folklore story collection called 'Stories of African', in which I could find out ten enchanting tales of African oral tradition. I’ve also been listening to South-African children’ songs from a group named 'Beautiful Creatures'. It is very nice! They have a lot of CDs and their songs offer educational and positive messages.

bodyECOlogy project logoI’m very excited to start the bodyECOlogy Project here and to learn more about South-African culture. I’m trustful this Project will grow and get strong in its first international incursion.

Finally, I’d like to thank Mr. Adrian Langeveld for building a bridge between some organizations and myself... It was a seed I’ll definitely sow.

May all beings be happy!
Tatiana Kessedjian
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