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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, JUL/09 - ISINET

Kimana, Kenya, July 2009
Teacher: Peris Siamanta


This is the monthly report written and compiled by teacher Peris Siamanta for Club123s in Isinet primary school for the month of July 2009.

During the debate, I realized that Isinet kids are very active and more confident -- and they ended up winning the debate. They had more points. I must congratulate them again. Next time, we are planning for a football match competition, which will be held in Isinet and I will take the video so you can see them playing. This will happen in September or October next term, but I will have to plan about that appropriately. This month was very busy and we almost didn’t have time to do anything.

We happened to receive a letter from the government inviting all the Clubs teachers to attend a seminar in Nairobi. The letter did not come to Enkii and we don’t know why; it only came to Isinet. The Isinet teacher was not present, so my dad took over and went for the seminar for one week. He came back with a certificate which I am sending you. I am attaching the certificate for you to see.
When you see the video, you will see the books that my dad is giving to Enkii teacher Mr. Kisai to teach the students. The books are very educative. They were also advised to register the Clubs with the national parks department, so that when they visit any park in Kenya they will not have to pay a single cent.
The schools will be closed on 7th of August for holidays, to be reopened in September for the last term of this year. It is good that we have already done the debate, otherwise we would not have had time for it. Right now, the schools are busy doing the end term exams and finishing the remaining lessons...

I have written to Carol Matos (bodyECOlogy seeder-teacher of 123s) and I hope she will write to me so we can be prepared to meet in February. I just cant wait to meet her.

There is a lot more in the video. On behalf of the Clubs, I have sent you two cards. One to wish you a happy wedding and another one to thank you for all you have done for us.

Yours faithfully,

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