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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, JUL/09 - ENKII

Kimana, Kenya, July 2009
Teacher: Peris Siamanta


This is the monthly report written and complied by teacher peris siamanta for Club123s in Enkii primary school for the month of July 2009.

I spent most of this month in Mombasa, but my mother (who is also my assistant) did a lot of important work. She got in contact with some community people who are temporarily employed by the government for 45 days, to plant trees that they have provided. They indeed planted the trees and I assure you the place looks better than it was before.

When I received the money, I bought the tools and arranged for the debate immediately. I tried to learn about the video-camera and it was not very complicated. It is a nice sony video camera that I bought in a good supermarket and it has a guarantee of one year. Right now, I have recorded everything and it didn’t occure to me that I will need to spend more money to transfer the video to your email. There is a short or complicated procedure that will have to undergo before you are able to watch the movie. I think I am getting surprised, because I know very little about video editing and computers. I am realizing that, in future, I will have to go to some college and maybe have my own computer. Now, I discover that one thing leads to another. I had to buy a memory card and a memory card reader, a DV cable, etc -- but everything will work out well and next week you will be able to watch the movie. I have this Internet guy who is helping me a lot. I wanted to send it together with the report, but I see the movie production Is taking more time.

The debate went on very well and you will see it in the video. I had to incur more expenses like hiring a car to bring the Isinet kids to Enkii for the debate. That day I had to increase the quantity of food so that we can share with Isinet. That day, we used the special glasses for drinking that I was given by my employer from "Dar es salaam" because of my good work. Aren’t they nice? We use them only on special occasion.

After buying everything, I remained with $65 which was used in the extra events that occurred, so no money was left for the Club’s savings. I got this money because some tools were cheaper and others were more expensive; when I told you the price of the video recorder, I had included the licence money from the government, but they told me I don’t have to pay for it, because the government have already waived it when they read the national budget in June. So I was lucky on that one.

The schools will be closed on 7th of August for August holidays to be reopened in September for the last term of this year. It is good that we have already done the debate, otherwise we would not have had time for it. Right now, the schools are busy doing the end term exams and finishing the remaining lessons.

There is a lot more in the video.

Yours faithfully,

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