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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, MAY/09 - ENKII

Kimana, Kenya, 13th June 2008
Teacher: Peris Siamanta Memusi

MAY 2008 - ENKII

This is the monthly report compiled by teacher Peris Siamanta for Club123s in Enkii primary school.

Things are going well down here. We are a little bit stuck in the field work. There are so many practical activities that are pending... We are hoping to complete them this year. The trees that we planted when we started this club are very big now, and there is always a sense of pride and success whenever we look at them.
We are also expecting to hold the debate this month, which is also usually cool. The teachers will also attend. I am planning to invite the D.E.O as the guest of honor if Tatiana or Bushra will not be able to come. I hope we will be having the video camera. Thanks to you. Sorry if we are pushing you too hard...

I wrote to Tatiana and Bushra, but they have not yet replied to me. I think they will write soon. Let me be patient. What happened to Alexa? The kids are anxiously waiting for their letters. I hope she will not have the good project go down the drain. We love this pen pal project and we enjoyed it a lot.

We are doing a lot of class work, and one student asked me a question I was not able to answer. "Do fish sleep? If yes, how?" please tell me if you know. I have asked some people, but nobody seems to satisfy me with a good answer. Tell me anything I need to know about the fish.

Another student wrote on her book until it was full. She told me she knows it is bad to burn papers, and it is also bad to throw the book away, what can she do with the book? I told them in Nairobi there is a place, where they recycle papers and we will be taking our books there. But we can’t take one book, so they will be bringing the filled up books to me and I will be taking them to Nairobi. This sounds like a good idea; then, we will not be seeing papers around or in the toilet.

Yours faithfully,
Peris siamanta.

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