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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, MAY/09 - ISINET

Kimana, Kenya, 13th June 2009
Teacher: Peris Siamanta


This is the monthly report compiled by teacher Peris Siamanta for Club123s in Isinet primary school.

These students are doing very well, I must congratulate them. They are catching up very quickly, and I love their work. They have a devoted teacher who is interested in the Club.

We are doing the class works following carefully the steps of Enkii, and I have discovered that kids love 'practical things' more than class work, so I try to mix both or to balance both. I am teaching them the things in the 'Pachamama' book, and they were surprised to see I have been published; even the teachers were amazed. To make matters worse, they were shocked to see it was done almost 10 years ago.

They came up with the idea that we should be having a small garden in the school and grow kales, spinach, tomatoes, onions e.t.c. it is a good idea. This is possible here, because there are no elephants or wild animals. They have only the livestock and they can manage that because they are not many. There is this issue of money. We need some capital to buy the seeds. I told them to give me time on this. Then, I realized another thing: that there is nothing you can ever do without money in this world -- no matter how small it is... and this thought made me a little bit angry.
I am having pressure from some schools to go and introduce Club123s, but I really have to wait until next year if I have to establish another club. I have to lay a strong foundation on the ones I have right now.

Yours faithfully,

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