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ECOnsciousness: Peris Memusi, MAR/09 - ISINET

Kimana, Kenya, March 2009
Teacher: Peris Siamanta Memusi


This is the monthly report for Club123s in Isinet Primary School compiled and written by teacher Peris Siamanta for the month of March 2009.

This month we tried our best to do a lot before the school closes down. We had to balance between class work and our club. I must say were very busy. I am thankful for teachers of Isinet who made it possible for us. Mr. Njoroge is also very helpful. Sometimes he comes to Enkii and he is satisfied with what he saw. As I said before, we are suffering from hunger and I could not be able to tell the students to come and tend to their young trees which need a lot of care. I wanted them to have some rest. The students who live very near to the school are the ones who are coming every Saturday to water the trees. I will be with them, and teacher Njoroge will be with them when I go to Mombasa. The trees have to grow... That is the first test they have to pass.The famine is affecting everything. I heard that 9 students have dropped out of school, but again I am lucky for none of these students are from my club.

We wanted to have a debate with Enkii club but we did not get a good time. We are expecting to do it in May, which will not be very busy. I want it to be a good memorable day. And I was thinking how can you be able to see it? I would like you, Molly, Nilson and Carlos to hear and see our students exchanging ideas or discussing something. If it is possible, you can send me a video-camera and I can record everything that we will be doing and you will be able to see then you can give us you views, ideas, suggestions, and comments. The video camera is $250 here in Kenya. I happened to see them in Nairobi, but I think they are cheaper there. If you guys really want to see this debate, you can help us get the video camera. We really want to show you what’s happening here. if its not possible to get the video camera I will just send you the pictures.

I have sent you some pictures of Isinet primary school.

1. you can see the stones and thorn bushes that have surrounded their planted trees. you can see the heavy dust on the ground. This tells how dry the land is.

2. they are still surrounding the tree which is being shown to you more clearly.

3. this picture of two girls and two boys is to show you how big the school is. We need to plant many trees here.

4. this picture of four boys and one standing aside is to show you how the classromms are. They have many buildings than enkii. The thorn bush that is lying aside will be put on top of the tree later.

5. this is a group picture of Club123s Isinet.

6. these are some of club students who wanted you to see the other side of the school. If you have noticed the place has quite big black rocks.

We really want this club to grow and be strong.
What else can we say except by LONG LIVE Club123s!!!

We send you our bet wishes and we are thankful for everything.
Yours sincerely,

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