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ECOnsciousness: Peris Memusi, MAR/09 - ENKII

Kimana, Kenya, March 2009
Teacher: Peris Siamanta Memusi


This is the monthly report written and compiled by teacher Peris Siamanta for Club123s Enkii, for the month of march 2009.

The month was a bit busy, especially in the last few weeks, because the school was undergoing their end of term exams. All schools in Kenya do these exams. In this small part of Kenya, we have been hit badly by the hunger disaster; the whole country is suffering from famine and severe hunger but in this part is worse. In enkii school, I have 16 students dropping out of school completely, because they don’t have the strength of walking the long distance to school with an empty stomach. None of these students are from my club. The cows are dying everyday for lack of grass. This has really affected the education and lifestyle in this area. A few people have money but they can't get food in the shops -- and, if you get, it is very expensive. We still hope things will get better soon.

While we were winding up,we had a good time of meditating and reflecting how far we have come, the achievements we have made, the many things we were planning to do. Many said the bad moments were when we went for interviews, and the people were not willing to talk or they discouraged us. Other bad moments were when we planted trees and the animals kept eating them. The bad moments were not so many. The best moments were lots. All of the children loved the food we eat, the education we get, the few trips we have gone, the pen pal thing, e.t.c. They were very much willing to continue supporting this club forever.

They asked me about the proposals, and I told them you said we must get an answer to our proposals this year. We are longing to put up the fence and plant more trees and to go to mombasa and all that. They all hoped to see you one day. Mum said this club is making her younger because she has to think of some very different and interesting things from what she has taught for many years. She says she enjoys to be in this project more. This time we did not have a party, because I had some commitments with the money I had. I have to save up some money for the penpal letters when they come, so they don’t stay for long without being sent. I have to go to Mombasa to learn a lot about biogas.

It is a government research institute where they are researching plants and animals and they are using biogas from the cowdung. I really want to know about this biogas because I am thinking we can teach the maasai people how to use it and they can stop cutting trees. They have a lot of cowdung, so I think it is not a big problem. I know they will like it. But, first I have to go to Mombasa and enquire about it; them I will tell you how it goes or what I found out. I was surprised I could not get this information anywhere else better that at this place. I am going there with my husband and Stephen. I did not know it would cost me so much, but I am determined to know about it; so I must do this. This is the best time to do this, because the schools are closed and we have more time. When the kids come back, I will tell them about biogas. Oh yes, let me solve this mystery.

The schools will open on the second week of may. So this month will just work on the biogas. My mum (who is also my assistant) will take care of the trees and other things. We still have some trees that need care, because we keep planting and replacing the ones that have been eaten by animals.

Have a nice time. We are forever thankful for everything.
Yours faithfully,

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