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ECOnsciousness: Peris Memusi, FEB/09 - ENKII

Kimana, Kenya, February 2009
Teacher: Peris Siamanta Memusi


This is the montly report compiled by teacher Peris Siamanta for Club123s in Enkii Primary School.

First, I must say this is a very special month for all of us, because we just had penpals from reeths puffer highschool in Michigan, USA. My students were very excited to have these penpals. We just wrote our first letters, and we have already learnt a lot from them and we hope they learn a lot from us. Most of us did not know what street hockey is or linebacker in the game or baseball or soft ball. We did not know you say grades while we say standard. So I must say this penpal exchange program is very educative and it will help my students a lot. And as a teacher I think it is fun.

We have started making some things with the plastic papers, even though we don’t have a lot of equipments. I told my students to make whatever is in someones minds -- and I got some interesting ideas. Some of them are very good. Some made a string of many cords that could carry a big luggage because it is very strong. Others made some soccer balls?

Our trees are very big now, and everybody can see the big change that is in the school. The school is a bit greener, even though there is no grass, because it has not rained for many days. The trees have grwn with a lot of trouble from the animals, but you can imagine the students are still willing to plant more trees, especially now that the school looks neat and beautiful.

We have already gone to almost all families in Enkii area, and most of them were happy about our club. They said we are doing good, although some people said we are wasting time because they would still use trees for firewood and burn charcoal for sale. Such people are always there to give us a challenge.

I have inquired from many people about manking bio gas, and many people seem to have the same idea but it is not working. I think we must be missing something out. We are still doing the research and very soon we are coming up with an answer. Imagine: I am very busy, but the funniest thing is that i like it !!

Enkii students were happy to know they now have Isinet school to compete with. I told them it should not be like a competition, but as a large group to change the world's mode of living by being ECOnscious (eco-conscious).

Thanks for everything.
Yours faithfully,

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