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ECOnsciousness: Peris Memusi, JAN/09

Kimana, Kenya, Jan 2009
Teacher: Peris Siamanta Memusi

JAN 2009

We resumed schools well in January from December holidays. There were not so many kids in the school for the first week. The standard 8 students will join high school this year and I hope they will spread what we have done and learnt in those other schools. Since they were gone, I had less students in the Club. I usually have a maximum of 35 students. The second week of January I recruited more students. I had a problem picking them because they all wanted to join the club. So I made small pieces of paper written 'yes' or 'no' in them. If you picked a 'no' you were out and the lucky ones got the 'yes' papers. We have resumed all our duties like going for door to door interviews and during the holidays I had written the timetable of lessons that we are going to tackle this term before holidays in April and we have started working on that too.

I formed another Club123s in Isinet primary school which is doing very well. They are also 35 from classes 6 , 7 and 8. I am trying to do exactly as I did in Enkii. There problems and challenges are just the same as those of Enkii. They are lucky they are not in the Tsavo National Park so if we plant trees they will not be disturbed by wild animals. The only problem will be donkeys, cows and goats but somehow we can manage that. The land around Isinet is very fertile but a bit rocky and very bare without any trees. You could only see a few scattered thorny trees and from a distance fig trees along Kimana river which has been dry for many months now because it has not rained. Of course we will start by planting trees around the school. It will be very beautiful because the school is on top of a small hill. I will get you pictures soon. I have not yet worked with the teacher in Isinet because they are on teacher’s strike that was going on in the country. They were demanding a pay rise and president Kibaki promised to give them so I hope this week they will come back to school. The head teacher of Isinet told me to go on and they will catch up with me when they come back. I will be meeting them every Friday. You could always judge something from the beginning and know if it is going somewhere…..and from my point of view I must say this project is going to be very strong. Next month I will have to write two different reports for both schools.

Miss Stephanie Wilks, our Club advisor introduced me to Miss Alexa of Reeths Puffer School, so that we can continue with the pen-pal project that we have started. My students are very eager to communicate with U.S.A students and I’m sure they will learn a lot from each other. We will make sure this project stands up strong and who knows maybe the students will meet one day and we will all be happy.

Our Club is very proud of president Obama. We hope he lives up to his dreams. We wish him all the best as he tries to make this world a better place to live in. May God bless all of us.

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