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ECOnsciousness: Peris Memusi, NOV-DEC/08

Kimana, Kenya, NOV and DEC 2008
Teacher: Peris Siamanta Memusi

NOV 2008

We are doing well. We have started our normal duties. We are going for door to door interviews more often because there is no school. We also tried to make biogas with mum’s instruction but it never worked. I think we missed something which we don’t know what it was. Am also trying to make them compose songs and drawing and poems and they are really trying.

I have 35 students in Isinet primary school for club 123. am doing everything similar to Enkii. Their problems and challenges are almost the same as those of Enkii. They are hungry. I hope relief food comes soon am meeting once per week. That’s every Friday. So far I have seen they are good students. I want them to start planting trees. But their place is very rocky. I hope it will be possible. The school is somehow on a hill. They too don’t have a fence but the elephants don’t go to that side. So they are lucky with that but the goats and cows will disturb them but I think they will manage to control that before we do something. We will exchange ideas with their teacher when he comes back. The teacher’s strike is still going on.

DEC 2008 - holydays

Planning for the new program at Isinet Primary School

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