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ECOnsciousness: Peris Memusi, OCT/08

Kimana, Kenya, OCT 2008
Teacher: Peris Siamanta Memusi

OCT 2008

How are you? I hope everything is fine with you. I am also well and everyone is fine here. We have been very busy but now everything has calmed down. I decided to give the students a total rest and not have them come to school. The trees are big now and they don't need us very much. We have a few young trees but I will be tending them myself with my daughters. I gave them assignments to do and asked them to teach the Maasai people about conserving the environment and other things. They will write a report, which I will check when they come back. For those who will be near, they will be coming to me for any questions or help. Kaipon decided not to go with the cows beyond Chyullu hills so that we can be going to Loitokitok every Saturday because if he goes away for one month he will come back having forgotten everything. So it will be like we are starting afresh. It was very good when he showed interest in learning the computer. I think am just lucky to have students who like this club. This month I will also be planning and arranging what we will be doing next year.

When the schools open in January, we are planning to make mats and pillows from the plastic bags. I wish we had the equipments but maybe we will get the money from "be the change" or the proposal and continue with the other projects like building the fence and the Mombasa trip. I hope all will be well. This month I will do the research on biogas or biofuel and write some notes and lesson plans so that I can have something to teach my kids next year. I also want to start this club in Isinet primary school but I will be going there once per week. I will be having one teacher who I will be working with. So I think that will be okay. I want to recruit students who will come to grade six next year but I don't know how because all of them want to join me. I want to give them a test them I will pick the best 12 students.

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