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ECOnsciousness: Peris Memusi, SEP/08

Kimana, Kenya, SEP 2008
Teacher: Peris Siamanta Memusi

SEP 2008

The standard 8 students are starting the national exams on 20th this month of October and ends on Friday 24th. If the certificates [the 123s certificates of participation] will be late, there is no problem because we have agreed with the students that we will have a small party to bid them goodbye when the certificates comes. I wish one or all of you were here to celebrate with us. This is usually the best and one of the most important days of their lives. Some of them cry........ the other students will still be in school until late November before they close down for December holidays.

I am still teaching Kaipon how to use the computer. He is trying to learn quickly but he is still slow in typing. I will have to teach him for some more time before he can be left alone. I am spending more money when I go with him to Loitokitok. I wish I could teach all the students in the club how to use the computer. But that would mean to buy a new computer and to install the internet and a whole new story. That may come later when we really advance and become a real big club.

We usually go for door to door interviews and I have sent you some pictures that can explain better what we do. The community here have noticed there's something special going on here at Enkii primary school. Most of them think it is a good idea and they really support us, but some of them think we are wasting time. Some of them think like this then change their minds later. maybe after taking time thinking about this issue and discussing about it. We try to reach at least 5 houses every Saturday - and we enjoy it.

We have collected a lot of plastic bags and washed them but we have not had time to start making the mats and pillows. Maybe we can start doing that next week when most of the things have calmed down. I know we will be having challenges because we don’t have scissors and many things that I wrote in the proposal but we will try to see if there's anything we can do. Even if we can make just one.

We are also eagerly waiting for the procedure on how to make fire with biofuels. We are really talking and researching about this but no one seems to have the perfect answer. I now there's a way to make it with cow dung but i am not sure of the procedure. This will be good because we have a lot of cow dung in this area and the Maasai people will appreciate it.

I think that is all for this month. Until next month I wish you a nice time. Please wish my students good luck in their exams.

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