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corpoECOlogia: Manuela Berardo, JUN/10

Rio de Janeiro, Junho de 2010
Professora: Manuela Berardo

corpoECOlogia, 2010-06 a

Mês das vozes!

Criação de soluções para o lixo, reunião de pais, comentários no blog e opiniões sobre os vídeos feitos até hoje.

corpoECOlogia, 2010-06 b

Muitas idéias surgiram para solucionarmos o problema do lixo: fizemos um grande painel e colocamos na escola para todo o mundo ver.

No meu desenho:

"O robô levou o lixo para o espaço"
~ Rodrigo, 9 anos, aluno

"O caminhão de lixo estava pegando todo o lixo num dia de muito sol"
~ Enzo, 9 anos, aluno

"Eu ia pegar o lixo todo, separar para reciclar tudo"
~ Rafael, 9 anos, aluno

"As lixeiras estão jogando o lixo na lixeira de reciclagem"
~ Pedro Arthur, 7 anos, aluno

"Apareceu um super herói, o caminhão do lixo e um furacão que levou o lixo todo. O furacão levou o caminhão para pegar o lixo"
~ Guilherme, 6 anos, aluno

corpoECOlogia, 2010-06 c

Nosso encontros no mês foram marcantes:

Fizemos uma reunião de pais em que conversamos sobre o projeto e descobrimos como o corpoECOlogia é querido pelos alunos e incentivado pelos pais.

Eles foram convidados a entrar no site e no blog e nos ajudar com a educação ecológica de seus filhos.

Na aula de informática, os alunos puderam navegar no blog e site da 123s, ficaram bem felizes com os vídeos feitos pela Stephânia: os comentários estão lá.

Agora temos um email: corpoecologia[[arroba]]; ficaremos felizes em receber uma mensagem! A professora de informática vai ajudar a turma a continuar a freqüentar o blog e o email.

Em sala, revisamos todo o fundamento das três ecologias do projeto e criamos um lindíssimo painel sobre o lixo.

~ Manuela Berardo, Junho de 2010
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corpoECOlogia 2010 - retrospectiva

123s agradecimentos a Stephânia Imperial, estagiária do projeto, pela gravação e edição do vídeo!


ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, JUN/10

Kimana, Kenya, June 2010
Teacher: Peris Siamanta

club shirts

I will never forget this month because we started with giving out t-shirts for the students. Now we have our new identity. Tatiana and Carolina were there to witness this and we were all happy. I with the eco-movement went to Ilkisonko secondary school and opened a club 123s there. We visited Sumat who was in Enkii primary school and was a member of the club. We encouraged her to continue with the club which John and I will be visiting frequently.

We discovered that John had some special unique talent or skills that can be of use for Club 123s. we asked him if he would like to join the club and after one day of thinking about it he accepted. WHOA!! WHOA!! WHOA!!

Enkii classroom

I also enjoyed working in a very different way that I have never done before. We grouped the student into four groups. This was the book group, video group, painting group and dancing group. Tatiana was working with the dancing group, Carol with the book group, John with the painting group and I was with the video group.

The video group visited some places in Kimana taking pictures and we happened to visit Mr. Wonderful who offered to give us 100 trees. We could have bought these trees but it saved some money in our budget. Mr. Wonderful is a farmer who is trying to educate community in planting fruit trees from different parts of Africa. He is encouraging us to plant trees that can even withstand cruel climates.

When this 2nd semester project is approved we can take his trees and start working immediately. We would like to start working on 5th that is on Monday.

These trees will be of great help to the students and the community because for the first time in their lives they will have fruits in plenty. I am sorry to say that some of us don’t eat fruits even for one year!

We received Club123s t-shirts and we couldn’t be any happier. We were lost for words and thanked the donors by clapping our hands for them. I think they felt it in their hearts. We gave the yellow t-shirts to Enkii and the blue t-shirts to Kimana primary school.

I got the certificate and now I can't wait to take it to Greenbelt Movement and see what they will help us with. I will ask them to help us with materials or funds for the fence. My next project in July will only be for the fence, because we have had many offers even from the government for giving us trees but we cannot plant more trees unless we have the fence. I must tell you that we visited a certain farmer with Tati and Carol and he promised to give us 100 trees but we need the fence first so that we don't lose the trees to the goats. I will also visit the universities and some companies to see if they will help us with the fence, even if they will just give the materials.

Club123s student

We concluded this month by having a party with Tatiana and Carolina and students which was very successful. We also had some presentations from all groups which was very fantastic. We later had evaluations and we had some useful remarks from the students which I would like to quote. “I am happy because I have never used a video camera but now I know how to use it.” A girl student said, “I am happy because this club is making us equal with men.” The smallest boy in the club said, “I made something that I have never made before, a hat!” Another one was so excited and was lost for words so he said, “PAMOJA TUNAWEZA!” he ran back to his seat the others laughing at thim. He said the last but not the least words!

On 25th was the saddest day for us. We had already gotten used to Carol and Tati and now they were leaving. I just realized that it's not only me who doesn't like the parting part. We cried a lot. I cried when she was bidding farewell to the students. I cried when Tatiana and Carol were bidding farewell to my family and I also cried at the airport.

I must say that eco-movement to Kenya has left a big impact to Club 123s. I am sure we will never be the same again. We are better, stronger and happier.

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ECOmovement to Kenya: JUN/10

Kimana, Kenya, June 2010
Letter to Enkii teachers
from Tatiana Kessedjian & Carolina Matos


After a few days of the conclusion of the ECOmovement to Kenya project in the city of Kimana, we send this gratitude letter and reporting to all Enkii Primary School employees who, such as us, carry out the complex but rewarding task of teaching.

First of all, we would like to thank the headmaster Mr. Lenjasi for kindly opening the school doors for the fulfillment of the ECOnsciousness and ECOmovement projects, as well as for trusting that these projects can bring significant benefits to the local community.

Now please allow us to make a brief reflection about the unforgettable experience we had at that school, in June 2010, when we shared precious time and knowledge with Club123s’ students.

As you know, both of us, Tatiana Kessedjian and Carolina Matos, are art-educators of the Brazilian NGO 123s that supports the Club123s in Enkii since 2008, led by the teacher Peris Siamanta.

Through the same NGO we idealized ECOmovement to Kenya with the aim of creating a supported project, that would be able not only to serve and strengthen Club 123s, but would also observe, understand and learn from the Maasai community and culture.

We truly believe that there is no teaching without learning and no learning without teaching; therefore we did our best to open our hearts and minds to understand, learn and live the lifestyle of that place, that is so different from our reality.

The challenge was great, the doubts and difficulties were enormous, but in the end the beautiful experience, learning, smiles, looks and hugs rewarded all challenges.

The day we arrived at the school we were received by all Enkii students, who surrounded us with curious, scared and attentive look, making clear we were strange people, different people for our appearance, nationality, customs and culture. At that moment we felt a mixture of anxiety, joy, uncertainty, hope and fear, but with a free spirit we moved forward, confident that the project would happen in its best possible way.

Tatiana & Peris

In the first lesson we noticed some students were moving to and fro, many side conversations, other students moving on top of tables and a crowd of curious children hanging at the window what drew the attention of the Club123s students. We tried to create a new organization format in the classroom, because in our point of view this would be essential to the smooth progress of the project, and at the same time we were wondering how to find the balance between giving and receiving.

The question that came to us was: How to be open and receptive to a different culture, system, customs and at the same time allow ourselves to bring new knowledge that could be beneficent to the community? This still is a difficult question to be answered and maybe we’ll need much time for a good response, but the most important thing is that the intention in finding the middle way was always present in our hearts.

From the following classes on a beautiful relationship of complicity and friendship with students was created, and they naturally started to respect us and trust in our proposals. Unfortunately by that time two rather unpleasant situations happened and we would like to report them now.

One day during our work, a Enkii School teacher who attended our class, directed and threatened an inattentive student with a wooden stick. In another day, in the course of our activity, we witnessed some of our students kneeling on the patio waiting for a physical punishment. After receiving the punishment they cried, they physically and emotionally retracted, and some of them went home feeling unable to keep up with our class after that.

In those days, we, as women, educators and citizens of the twenty-first century felt so threatened and assaulted as our students.

We understand that different countries and cultures have different views of life and education, but we would like to share our point of view about it and kindly ask you to open your minds to listen to us. If what we are going to say makes some sense in your hearts, please think again, reconsider your positions as educators, as knowledge facilitators and citizens, the ones responsible for the country's future.

We truly believe that violence only generates more violence as well as love only creates more love; so we decided to educate with firmness and love rather than using force and pain.

In second place, we believe that everything in life is constantly changing and so the concept of education has gone through frequent changes everywhere in this world. We would like to let you know that the act of punishing students through physical violence is totally lagged in terms of educational development worldwide. More than that, hitting in order to educate is a human rights violation and against the law for the protection of children and adolescents that exists in many countries nowadays.

Our experience in Enkii has shown that it is possible to find new ways to educate and the proof is that at the end of a one month project we won the respect, affection, trust, creativity and commitment of the students without using any kind of physical punishment.

So we ask you from the bottom of our hearts to reconsider the way of educating and encouraging discipline. Have you no doubt that progress in education is always seeking for the best for the school, teachers, students and the nation.

In resume we would like to clarify that we do not have a derogatory and discreditable image about Africa; on the contrary, we understand the cultural differences of this continent as a beautiful, inspiring and fascinating way of living. Precisely by recognizing this magnitude, which is expressed through empathy, generosity and sharing of the African people, particularly the Kenyans, we believe that in union with many other countries we can rebuild together our vision of education as well as our vision about the capacity of African students in assimilating such transformation.

We are fully available for any comment, feedback or reflection that you would like to share with us.

Thank you very much for the attention, affection and willingness you showed during our stay in Kimani.

May you all be happy and successful in all you do.

With love,
Tatiana and Carolina
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ECOnsciousness: Peris Siamanta, MAY/10

Kimana, Kenya, May 2010
Teacher: Peris Siamanta

Club123s shirts box

This month started with a lot of anxiety, because we were having Carolina and Tatiana coming to be with us. Teachers, students and me were all getting ready for them. We were having some problems because mum, who is also my assistance, was often very sick and I had to travel a lot. Thanks to the headteacher who assisted me in everything.

I went to Nairobi to pick my friends and I was happy to be at the airport for the first time. I also got the chance to shake hands with the world champion maraton runner who was coming back home at that moment.

Club123s shirts

I was still working on the library, because I have noticed that Kenyan people don't read a lot and especially environmental books. I had to tell the teachers, my friends and brother to help me find these books. My brother William was the first person to respond. He gave me very nice books that I had to give Tatiana one of them.

We went to Enkii school, where my friends got to meet the students and the teachers. It was a good start and I knew ECOmovement to Kenya was going to be great! Isinet was not doing very well, because I had not gone there for a long time and my father and the assistant teacher went for a transfer, so the students were left like a flock without a shepherd. The three of us started Club123s in Kimana primary school and we all loved it. I will write about it in June report. I will be going to Isinet once a week just to keep the flames burning!

John, my husband, is with us and he is helping us a lot in many ways. He usually helps me with Club123s work whenever I need him. One day he had to travel from Mombasa to come and help me with the video.

We received Club123s t-shirts and we couldn’t be any happier. We were lost for words and thanked the donors by clapping our hands for them. I think they felt it in their hearts. We gave the yellow t-shirts to Enkii and the blue t-shirts to Kimana primary school.

I got the certificate and now I can't wait to take it to Greenbelt movement and see what they will help us with. I will ask them to help us with materials or funds for the fence. My next project in July will only be for the fence, because we have had many offers even from the government for giving us trees but we cannot plant more trees unless we have the fence. I must tell you that we visited a certain farmer with Tati and Carol and he promised to give us 100 trees but we need the fence first so that we don't lose the trees to the goats. I will also visit the universities and some companies to see if they will help us with the fence, even if they will just give the materials.


The most important thing we did was to separate the garbage. The ECOmovement did this for us and we are happy to learn a new way to dispose our garbage. We are having two bins. One for organic and another one for non-organic garbage. We have not known what to do with the non-organic but when I go to Nairobi I will try to find some companies that can buy the non-organic for us and we can create income for the Club. The only thing we are short of is the dust bins. We went looking for them in all Kimana town and we could not find them. There were some very expensive ones but we did not buy them. We are using the old buckets; but the non-organic ones we are keeping them in a plastic bag. We are insisting that the kids try and get two buckets for each kid’s home.

Nailaen, Club123s apprentice, did all the work I asked her to do in April. She interviewed many people and I have filed the papers in the 123s file. The people gave their ideas, suggestions and contacts.

LONG LIVE Club123s!
Pamoja tunaweza!!
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AME: Daniel Saito, MAI/10

Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Maio de 2010
Professor: Daniel Saito


Urso Polar

história do mês

O urso, já conhecido por sua força, tem um andar pesado característico. Neste ciclo lunar, ele aprendeu a flutuar.

Descobriu que é possível tirar força da suavidade, urro dos céus. Experimentou mover montanhas com a ritmo de seus quadris.

Começamos a explorar o valor do urso que está além de sua persistência e disciplina. Sua fortaleza está em seu coração. Em sua valentia e generosidade estão seus pilares para o reino dos céus. A ele foi concedido a guarda do 'Livro Vermelho'.

Logo Projeto AME
reflexões e aprendizados

Desabafo minha preocupação em relação ao pequeno número de alunos. Questiono-me se estamos fazendo uma abordagem correta, se a quantidade de energia investida é o suficiente e se é o lugar para o AME florescer.

"De tudo, ficaram três coisas: a certeza de que ele estava sempre começando, a certeza de que era preciso continuar e a certeza de que seria interrompido antes de terminar. Fazer da interrupção um caminho novo. Fazer da queda um passo de dança, do medo uma escada, do sono uma ponte, da procura um encontro."

~ Fernando Sabino
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Bolsa Professor-Semeador: inscrições abertas!

Acabamos de lançar o edital da Bolsa Professor-Semeador para projetos de educação ecológica do 2º semestre de 2010.

Você pode ler o Manual da Bolsa e baixar uma inscrição em branco para submeter um projeto até o dia 10 de Julho de 2010.

Conheça os 123s projetos que semeamos no 1º semestre de 2010.

Bolsa Professor-Semeador


corpoECOlogia: Manuela Berardo, MAI/10

Rio de Janeiro, Maio de 2010
Professora: Manuela Berardo

Cuidar conhecendo, conhecer cuidando, cuidar para conhecer, conhecer para cuidar.

A escola Patronato Operário da Gávea localiza-se ao lado da Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, um dos cartões postais do Rio de Janeiro, onde encontramos fauna e flora abundantes, além de, infelizmente, muita poluição!

Neste mês conhecemos um pouco sobre a história da Lagoa, desde a época da colonização e em sala dramatizamos a história com adereços e interpretação. No fim da história, sabe o que acontece? Um moço resolve ajudar um dos problemas mais sérios da Lagoa: o lixo!

Ele tem um projeto de reciclagem, além de explicar para todos os que jogam lixo na Lagoa, porque não se deve fazer isto. Os bichos apoiaram o moço e convidaram os alunos do Patronato para conhecerem sua casa: fomos à Lagoa procurá-los e brincar por lá!


No passeio cada um tinha uma missão: encontrar o bicho da figura que recebeu da professora. Caranguejo, galinha d’água, urubu, Maria Branca, João de Barro, mãos à horta!

"Eu não achei o caranguejo; acho que é porque tem muita poluição e também porque os bichos só aparecem quando querem"
~ Pedro Arthur, 8 anos, aluno

Teve lanche saudável com frutas, sucos sem açúcar e biscoitos integrais; teve muita brincadeira no parquinho e nas árvores da Lagoa.

E o lixo na Lagoa? Será que o lixo é mesmo um vilão? Continuando o intercâmbio dos projetos da 123s, recebemos a visita da nossa querida Adriele Santos, professora-semeadora do projeto reciclArte em São Paulo.

Adriele nos mostrou que muita coisa que poderia ir para o lixo pode virar arte e com ela construímos lixeiras para iniciarmos a coleta seletiva na escola. Também fizemos uma brincadeira para aprender a separar o lixo; ela nos ensinou a fazer um boneco de página de revista muito legal e nos mostrou produtos feitos por alunos do projeto reciclArte.

Terminamos o mês visitando o Galpão das Artes Hélio Pellegrino, um lugar repleto de obras de arte feitas com os mais diversos materiais que, num contexto comum, seriam jogados fora.

"Nossa tudo aqui parece arte! É tão lindo!"
~ Davi, 6 anos, aluno


"Achei bacana o encadeamento das aulas: conhecemos os bichos da Lagoa em sala, fomos procurá-los, descobrimos o problema do lixo e depois ao visitarmos o Galpão vimos as maravilhas em que o lixo pode se transformar"
~ Stephânia Imperial, estagiária

"A reciclagem também pode fazer uma pessoa velha virar bebê?"
~ Maria Eduarda, 7 anos, aluna

"A criatividade transforma problema em solução."
~ Manuela Berardo, professora-semeadora
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Reflexo - por Deborah Cavalcanti

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Abril de 2010
Depoimento sobre o projeto corpoECOlogia

desenho corpoECOlogia - 01

No mês de abril tive a oportunidade de acompanhar algumas das atividades desenvolvidas pelo projeto corpoECOlogia. Primeiramente, participei de uma reunião com a coordenadora Manuela Berardo, em que os objetivos do projeto para o primeiro semestre de 2010 foram esclarecidos. Nesta reunião, falou-se da importância de se construir um 'banco de memória' das ações do projeto, através de registros em audiovisual e redações. Para tanto, a presença de algum estagiário na área de cinema e/ou letras seria importante para o projeto e, ao mesmo tempo, poderia facilitar a aproximação da universidade com a comunidade de seu entorno, aproximação esta entre aluno e sociedade, ajudando a se pensar a ação cidadã a ser desenvolvida no e/para o mundo.

Após a seleção de duas estagiárias de cinema, que quiseram participar do corpoECOlogia, realizamos uma reunião com a dupla em que a história e o objetivo do projeto foram contadas, em um clima de aproximação da equipe e engajamento das ações necessárias ao cumprimento das etapas direcionadas ao presente semestre.

Em seguida, participei da primeira aula do semestre, na creche Patronato da Gávea e pude perceber a importância do projeto às crianças que dele participam, e o engajamento da estagiária Stefania.

Por motivos profissionais não pude participar das atividades que se sucederam, mas em reunião com Manuela Berardo soube do sucesso na implementação da continuidade do projeto na escola.

Fico feliz em poder acompanhar, mesmo que agora não de tão perto, as atividades do corpoECOlogia, pois acredito que, como as sementes, este projeto plantado há mais de três anos agora se faz florescer.

Com o empenho das facilitadoras, até o final deste semestre, os frutos poderão ser repartidos e saboreados por muitos que acreditam em iniciativas como esta, servindo de fonte de inspiração para outras sementes e como fonte de debate para a própria universidade.

Quanto a mim, espero poder soprar o vento que espalha a semente e ajuda a fortalecer a espécie Hommo Oikos...

Que haja vida ao ser humano.
~ Deborah Cavalcanti

desenho corpoECOlogia - 04
desenho corpoECOlogia - 02
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Ububele Farewell Letter

Please watch below a video-statement by Getti Mercorio, Ububele's Chief Executive Officer, and read his farewell letter to the bodyECOlogy project.

Dearest Tatiana,

Your letter moved me very deeply. I will think more about your loving comments, so keenly observed and so accurate. Thank you for your wonderfully honest and caring feedback.

I do want to say how much you and your work have meant to all of us at Ububele. You are a beautiful, free spirit who brought light and love into the lives of our children. They will always remember you.

The concert last week was very special – conveying your essence, that inner Tatiana that is so creative, loving and vibrant. So many parents have commented this week on what a wonderful event we held and how much they enjoyed seeing their children shine.

You have made a deep impression on us, and we are forever grateful for your care, your incredible talent for the community work, for your boundless energy and your love of life that you shared with us so generously.

We will miss you and will always hold you dear in our hearts. May you be happy, healthy and successful in all that you do.

With love,

~ Getti Mercorio, Ububele's CEO,
Johannesburg, 21 of May, 2010

bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, MAY/10

Johannesburg, May 2010
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian

Ububele Ubuntu dolls2010-05-Ubuntu-04-kids

This is the last month of the bodyECOlogy project at Ububele pre school. After being developed for 9 months, the project comes to an end; so it’s time to say good bye and celebrate all the moments we spent together as well as to open a new project of art & ecology that will give continuity to bodyECOlogy.

On 15th of May, we’re going to have an exciting art & ecology event which will integrate parents, students, teachers and staff for the project completion. Then, our children will dance, sing and talk about the theme UBUBELE UBUNTU.

Actually teachers, staff and students will express together, through an artistic concert, their feelings of UBUBELE UBUNTU. Afterwards, we will have a workshop for adults and children followed by a delicious lunch.

So our goal in May is to prepare and accomplish our beautiful event.
Let’s all start our work?
"Together we are able." ☺


Our last 4 weeks were exhausting, but finally the great day has arrived. Our theatre is lovely, full of dolls, balloons, beautiful drawings and musical instruments. In the auditorium we can see so many proud eyes and smiles. Our children are beautiful, wearing colored UBUBELE T-shirts and barefoot... They are so excited playing and running while waiting for the start of the concert.

The generous 'capoeira' group, led by mestre Estivador, is here again to assist us to express the meaning of UBUNTU through their songs and movements. We also have two kind cameramen, Eduardo and Douglas that are ready to document this special day and a friendly DJ, Bruno, who will help us with the sound equipment.

Raviolly looks a little bit anxious holding his Mbira, the teachers and staff are in a hurry to finish arranging the students and the lunch, and myself... I don’t even know how to explain...

I’m feeling a mixture of emotions... I’m delighted, anxious, nostalgic, sad, excited, grateful, amazed...

So, It’s time to start:
"Welcome everybody... I hope you all enjoy our event.
UBUBELE UBUNTU powerful. Feel it!!!"


Our concert was wonderful and moving, full of life and joy. I’m sure that everybody that was part of it had lots of fun and was touched by UBUBELE UBUNTU. Children, teachers, staff and musicians did very well together.

The capoeira workshop for adults was a success, we could see people from different age, gender, role, color and physical structure together enjoying and trying to learn the amusing and challenging movements that were being taught.


And the lunch... UAU!!! It was absolutely delicious and just confirmed that was made with much love by Mama Evelyn and her generous helpers.

So our event is done and breaks my heart to say that It’s really time to dismiss. On the other hand I feel very happy that Raviolly will continue to water the seed that was planted during the last 9 months.

Raviolly, enjoy it! I wish this small seed can become a great Baobab tree.

I thank so much you all from UBUBELE, you’ll definitely remain in my heart forever!!

Please click here to watch a video-statement by Getti Mercorio, Ububele's Chief Executive Officer, and to read his farewell letter to this initial phase of the project.

All love,
Tatiana Kessedjian
Johannesburg, May 2010
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bodyECOlogy: Tatiana Kessedjian, APR/10

Johannesburg, April 2010
Teacher: Tatiana Kessedjian

bodyECOlogy students

As part of our proposal to engage parents, teachers and staff in a more consistent way, we’re going to accomplish an art & ecology event in May that must integrate all the adults and children involved in Ububele institution. Therefore, our main goal this month will be to research a nice theme for our event and start working on it.

What should we talk about? What theme suits our understanding and feelings about bodyECOlogy and Ububele? Let’s think about it, let’s feel it!!

Considering that the pre-school will be closed from March 29th to April 11th, for Easter, we must work hard on these three weeks left.

bodyECOlogy class 2010

There is nothing more inspiring than watching children... their plays, their smiles, their eyes, their rhythms, their spontaneity. They are so generous, so naturally human. In fact, when we have an open heart we get involved and learn a lot from them.

It was a typical day of bodyECOlogy class when I got a special feeling of affection and connection towards my little students. I realized my great joy for being back to school from holiday; my gratitude for working there and my early sense of longing due to the approaching end of the project at Ububele.

'Coincidentally', that week I was wondering what should be the theme of our event, so when I got home a word suddenly came to my mind: UBUNTU.

I had heard about it sometimes in Africa, but quite honestly I was not entirely sure about the meaning of this word. I made a research about Ubuntu and realized we had found the subject for our event. UBUBELE UBUNTU!!

I took the theme back to the children, teachers and Raviolly, who warmly embraced the idea. Then, we began creating our concert, drawing and writing at home, with our relatives, about UBUBELE UBUNTU.

Please watch below a statement of Hope, teacher at Ububele pre-school, about the bodyECOlogy project, and a drawing by the students about the meaning of Ubuntu:

~ Hope,
Ububele pre-school teacher

Ububele Ubuntu drawing

Johannesburg, April 2010
Tatiana Kessedjian
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